Robot Components

Innovusion400x275Innovusion, which designs and develops image-grade lidar systems, has announced raising $64 million in Series B financing. The company said the funding will be used to increase the production capabilities of its automotive-grade lidars, support supply-chain partners for mass production capabilities, and further expand its research and development efforts around advanced lidar technologies.


Vishay VCNL36825T 400x275The Optoelectronics Group of Vishay Intertechnology has announced a new fully integrated proximity sensor designed to increase efficiency and performance in consumer and industrial applications. Featuring a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), the VCNL36825T combines a photodiode, signal processing IC, and 12-bit ADC in a compact 2.0 mm by 1.25 mm by 0.55 mm surface-mount package with a small 1.6 mm light hole.


FactoryCobotsBWThe Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute has announced that Jared Glover, the CEO of CapSen Robotics, has been chosen as the first Arm Institute Fellow. In this role, Glover will execute a technical project that addresses key challenges that hinder the adoption of robotics in manufacturers. Glover’s project, an autonomous robot workspace model with an arm-mounted 3D camera, aims to help small and midsize manufacturers (SMMs) adopt robots by lowering the cost and time of robotic integration.


AlliedVision AlviumC2460 400x275Allied Vision has announced expanding the range of its Alvium CSI-2 camera series with the high-resolution Alvium 1800 CSI-2 model, equipped with high-quality Type 1.2 (19.3 mm diagonal) Sony fourth-generation IMX540 back-illuminated CMOS sensor with Pregius S global shutter technology. The compact, sugar cube format of the 1800 C-2460 offers the highest possible resolution within such a small housing, the company said.

IBM 2nm chip 400x275IBM has unveiled a breakthrough in semiconductor design and process with the development of the world's first chip with 2 nanometer (nm) nanosheet technology. Semiconductors play critical roles in everything from computing, to appliances, to communication devices, transportation systems, and critical infrastructure.


ArgoFord400x275Pittsburgh-based Argo AI has introduced Argo Lidar, which it says overcomes limitations preventing most competitors from commercializing autonomous delivery and ride-hail services. The Argo Self-Driving System (SDS) is capable of 360-degree awareness day or night, and can safely drive on city streets, suburban neighborhoods, and now at highway speeds.


MisoRoboticsSW400x275Miso Robotics, which develops intelligent automation solutions for the foodservice industry, has announced a stand-alone software as a service (SaaS) offering, CookRight. The artificial intelligence-powered cooking platform can automatically identify and track products and tasks within a kitchen.


NeousysPOC 400 400x275CoastIPC, a supplier of industrial and embedded computers and peripherals, has announced it is offering the new POC-400 compact embedded computer from Neousys Technology. Measuring only 56 by 108 by 153 mm, the new PC includes an Intel Elkhart Lake Atom processor and targets factory automation and edge artificial intelligence applications.


VueronScreen400x275Innoviz Technologies, which develops high-performance, solid-state lidar sensors and perception software, is teaming up with Vueron Technology, which develops lidar perception software and autonomous driving technology. The cooperation will help build an autonomous driving platform for lidar-only self-driving vehicles, the companies said in a statement.


ABB IRB1300 Cleanroom400x275ABB has announced that its six-axis industrial robot, the IRB1300, includes new protection elements that allow it to be used in tough industrial applications and contamination-free production processes, opening new opportunities in several industry spaces, including electronics assembly, and automotive and metals fabrication.


NeuralaScan400x275Neurala, which develops AI vision software, has announced a partnership with IHI Logistics & Machinery to increase the effectiveness of optical character recognition (OCR) reading of package information by automatically identifying expiration dates. The goal is to reduce waste and relieve workers from mundane, repetitive tasks, the companies said in a statement.


TelescopeRenishaw400x275For more than 40 years, the Wise Observatory, an astronomical research facility owned and operated by Tel Aviv University, has been conducting cutting-edge astronomical research. Located in Israel’s Negev desert, the observatory is 5 km from the nearest town, giving it a high percentage of cloudless nights free from light pollution.


EnvisionMochi 400x275Envision Group has launched Mochi, a mass-produced, mobile smart charging robot that is 100% powered by green electricity. The new device, unveiled at Envision’s Net Zero Day in Shanghai, will be commercially available in June 2021.


UhnderPort400x275Austin, Texas-based Uhnder, which is developing digital imaging radar technologies for automotive and logistics applications, has teamed up with Yunshan Technologies to deliver a digital perception radar sensor solution for use in autonomous trucks operating in shipping ports. China Merchants Port (CMPort) is an early adopter and deploying digital perception radar in a fleet of autonomous trucks at its Mawan Smart Port in Shenzhen, China.

MarsHelicopterCloseup400x275Two companies that provided key components for the Mars Ingenuity helicopter, which this week conducted its first historic flight on Mars, have congratulated the NASA team for its success. Both maxon precision motors, which provided motors for the helicopter, and SolAero Technologies, provider of solar panels, offered statements of support for the NASA team.


KriaK26SOM 400x275Xilinx, which develops processing platforms for cloud, edge and endpoint applications, has announced the Kria portfolio of adaptive system-on-modules (SOMs), production-ready small form factor embedded boards that enable rapid deployment in edge-based applications. With a complete software stack and pre-built, production-grade accelerated applications, Kria SOMs can help bring adaptive computing to AI and software developers, the company said.