Robot Components

TE Connectivity MultiFiber400x275TE Connectivity, which develops connectivity solutions for high-speed computing and networking applications, has announced its new multi-fiber cable assemblies designed to provide high signal data connectivity routing through only one cable connecting multiple units in the field instead of one assembly for each.


Cincoze 400x275Taiwan’s Cincoze has announced that its Cincoze DS-1300 rugged industrial computer series has become the choice of epidemic prevention equipment vendors. The DS-1300 can be used within intelligent thermal gate warning systems and intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that provide disinfection tasks.


Toshiba TXZ 400x275Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corp. has announced the start of mass production of 12 new devices in the M4K Group for motor control, the first products in the TXZ+ family advanced class. The company said it will start mass production of another 10 products in the M4M group in August 2021. Both groups of microcontrollers will be manufactured in a 40nm process, and belong to the TXZ4A+ series, Toshiba said.


Cepton dSPACE 400x275Cepton, which provides intelligent lidar-based solutions, and dSPACE, which develops simulation and validation solutions, have announced a collaboration to enable easier adoption of lidar technology in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles (AV), and other autonomous applications. The partnership looks to enable dSPACE to integrate Cepton’s lidar sensors into its simulation tool chain, helping customers accelerate their development using Cepton lidars.


Norstat Micron400x275Norstat has announced it now offers a light curtain line from ReeR, SpA specifically designed for the measurement, detection and recognition of objects in industrial applications. The light curtains can be used in automated warehouses, conveyor belts, and other quality control tasks. 


TactileMobility400x275Tactile Mobility, which develops tactile data and virtual sensing technology, has announced the launch of a runover virtual solution that provides vehicles with the ability to identify in real time an initial runover of an object to prevent a full runover.


HaptX Gloves400x275HaptX, which develops realistic haptic feedback technology, has announced raising $12 million in a Series A-1 financing round, along with a new headquarters in the Seattle area. The company also announced a second manufacturing run of its HaptX Gloves DK2, advanced haptic feedback gloves, after selling out the first run in less than six months.


NorstatFM FMM 400x275Norstat has announced it is now offering a line of inductive proximity sensors with full stainless steel housings and sensing faces that make them ideal for harsh environments.


ADLINK MCM 216218 400x275ADLINK Technology, which develops edge computing technologies, has added the MCM-216 and MCM-218 models to its MCM-210 standalone Ethernet DAQ series. The standalone dedge devices permit mass deployment of Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications, including test & measurement and condition monitoring scenarios.


AEye lidar Continental400x275AEye, which develops high-performance lidar solutions, has announced new partnerships and customer deployments, along with touting that its sensors can detect objects at the 1,000-meter mark in rain and behind windshield glass.


FlukeProcessSpot 400x275Fluke Process Instruments, which develop infrared imaging and thermal profiling solutions for industrial instruments, has announced partnering with Boston Dynamics to bring its new SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager capabilities to the Spot mobile robot. The package is expected to be released later in August.


PearsonDePalletizing400x275End-of-line packaging automation firm Pearson Packaging Systems and robotics software company Plus One Robotics have announced a partnership to offer easier solutions for complex packaging challenges for manufacturers, warehouses, and eCommerce fulfillment and distribution centers.


Universal ActiNav400x275Universal Robots has announced it will go “on tour” this summer in the U.S. to show off its ActiNav application, which combines intelligent vision and sensor software with its collaborative robots (aka cobots). The application kit aims to solve random bin picking challenges in machine tending applications. The tour will allow manufacturers to experience ActiNav hands-on, with Universal Robots, its partners, and systems integrators.


Algolux400x275Algolux, a computer vision software company, has announced raising $18.4 million in Series B funding. The new investment will be used by the Montreal-based company to accelerate market adoption of its computer vision and image optimization solutions. The round was co-led by Forte Ventures and Drive Capital, with additional funding from new investors Investissement Quebec, Castor Ventures, and Nikon-SBI Innovation Fund. Existing ventures GM Ventures, Generation Ventures, and Intact Ventures also participated.


SICKRuler3000 400x275SICK has announced the first in a new generation of Ruler3000 3D streaming cameras, designed to offer systems integrators with a way to harness the speed and measurement precision of SICK’s high-definition 3D imaging technology. The Ruler3000 is a pre-calibrated device that combines SICK’s Ranger3 streaming camera with a Class 2 eye-safe laser, pre-selected optics and fixed geometries to enable simpler configuration and commissioning.


MellerOptics400x275Meller Optics, a Providence, R.I.-based company that provides optics for defense, medical, laser and industrial markets, has announced custom fabricated sapphire windows and domes aimed at protecting cameras, detectors, and sensors on military and commercial drones designed for use in harsh environments.