Robot Components

Cincoze DI 1100 400x275Taiwan’s Cincoze, which develops rugged embedded computers, has announced the DI-1100 series within its DIAMOND product line. Equipped with Intel Core Whiskey Lake-U CPUs, the new computers provide high-performance and ultra-low power consumption (15W TDP). The company said the series is ideal for space-limited applications and those with limited power availability, including autonomous robots, in-vehicle usages, environmental monitoring and more.


ACIENNA currentsensor 400x275ACEINNA has announced a new current sensor designed for wideband gap (WBG) applications, which can include industrial robots and manufacturing systems, as well as home automation, appliances, motor control and DC fast charging, among others. The ±65 Amp MCx1101 Current Sensor is available in 3.3- and 5-volt versions, and units are now available for sampling and volume discounts.


ADLINK Technology, which develops edge computing and artificial intelligence hardware and software, has announced a new high-performance module that allows on-device AI and 5G connectivity capabilities for consumer, enterprise, and industrial robots. The LEC-RB5 SMARC module is the first SMARC AI-on-module based on the Qualcomm QRB5165 processor.


ATIQC 29ToolChanger 400x275ATI Industrial Automation, which develops robotic accessories and robot arm tooling, has announced a new standard tool changing option for smaller robots. The QC-29 Robotic Tool Changer aims to bring the powerful and rugged technology of the company’s Heavy Duty Tool Changers to robots in the 25 kg to 35 kg payload class.


Gripper ComponentReport400x275Global market intelligence firm Interact Analysis is predicting that the market for industrial robot components will enjoy strong double-digit growth for 2021, with expected revenues to exceed $9.3 billion by 2025. The company warned, however, that this year’s market growth in revenue can be partially explained by major price increases in key components and raw materials, as well as supply chain issues and general inflationary pressures.


CrossedBearings IKO 400x275IKO International has published a free downloadable whitepaper that discusses the benefits of using crossed roller bearings for modern robotics and automated machines. The report gives an overview of crossed roller bearings and provides advice on what to look for when choosing a crossed roller bearing for a robotic application.



Firgelli linear actuator400x275Firgelli Automations, which develops linear actuators and other motion equipment, has announced new adjustable limit switch linear actuators that feature a patent-pending mechanical limit switch device, which allows users to alter the built-in stopping position to give them additional flexibility.


ABB Sevensense400x275ABB has announced a partnership with and investment in Sevensense Robotics, an ETH Zurich spinoff company developing artificial intelligence and 3D visual technologies. The strategic partnership will enhance ABB’s new autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with additional flexibility as they navigate autonomously in complex, dynamic indoor and outdoor environments close to people.


CeleraMotion Multiturn400x275Celera Motion has announced the latest addition to its IncOder and Ultra IncOder series – the Multiturn IncOder inductive angle encoder. The new encoders offer precise angle measurements for applications that include robot joints, cranes and antenna masts.


Lumentum1Darray 400x275Lumentum Holdings, which develops vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays for 3D sensing and light detection and ranging (lidar) applications, has announced it expanded its multi-junction VCSEL-based offerings to include new breakthrough high-performance 1D and 2D addressable arrays. The new arrays can assist developers of advanced automotive, consumer and industrial lidar and 3D sensing applications.


Hailo Kontron400x275Kontron, which develops IoT/embedded computing technology (ECT), has announced a strategic partnership with AI chipmaker Hailo to develop next-generation AI edge inference solutions. The Hailo-8 AI processor, which performs up to 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS) at a typical power consumption of less than 2.5 watts, enables edge devices to run at performance levels previously only possible in the cloud. The new collaboration will offer customers a new level of high-performance, scalable AI-edge application-ready platforms for several market segments, including Industry 4.0, smart cities, and smart retail.


QuanergyM1Edge 400x275Quanergy Energy Systems, which develops OPA-based solid-state lidar sensors for automotive and IoT use cases, has announced the M1 Edge 2D lidar sensors paired with Quanergy’s QORTEX Aware perception software. The M1 Edge is an integrated software and hardware solution designed to collect, analyze and interpret lidar point cloud data for several industrial applications without requiring additional programming.


LattePanda 400x275LattePanda has launched the LattePanda 3 Delta, “the world’s thinnest pocket-sized hackable computer,” with use cases that include IoT edge, robotics, AI camera-based applications, handheld devices, and Industry 4.0. The company reached its Kickstarter goal of $39,881 within the first four hours, but other options are available at the Kickstarter page.


OnRobot WebLytics 400x275OnRobot has announced its software debut with the launch of WebLytics, a production monitoring, device diagnostics, and data analytics solution designed to enhance productivity and minimize downtime. Capable of monitoring the performance of multiple collaborative applications simultaneously and in real time, WebLytics gathers equipment data from both robots and tools and displays the data in easy-to-understand, visualized device and application-level intelligence.


NVIDIA JetsonAGX Orin 400x275NVIDIA has announced the new Jetson AGX Orin, a small, powerful and energy-efficient AI supercomputer aimed for robotics, autonomous machines, medical devices and other embedded computers at the edge.


PointOneNavigation400x275Point One Navigation, which is developing precision location technology, has announced it has emerged from stealth mode and closed a $10 million Series A round of funding. The round was led by UP.Partners, with participation from existing investors BOLT, IA Ventures and Ludlow Ventures.