November 24, 2021

CrossedBearings IKO 400x275IKO International has published a free downloadable whitepaper that discusses the benefits of using crossed roller bearings for modern robotics and automated machines. The report gives an overview of crossed roller bearings and provides advice on what to look for when choosing a crossed roller bearing for a robotic application.

“As robot functionality demands increase, design sizes continually shrink,” writes IKO. “Crossed roller bearings deliver precise, repeatable motion and can handle large axial, radial and moment loads simultaneously to perform complex tasks. They also fit within the tight confines of today’s robots and cobots.”

Examples of robot types that can benefit from crossed roller bearings include industrial robots with articulating arms, or bionic exoskeleton shells aimed at helping industrial workers to lift without injury.

To download the whitepaper for free, visit this website. More details on IKO International can be found at its website.