October 8, 2021

IKO techpaper crossed bearings400x275Robots and exoskeletons are seen as a big way to address the growing need for post-stroke rehabilitation, given that deaths caused by strokes are decreasing, and approximately 700,000 people survive a stroke.

IKO International has published a blog post discussing how Harmonic Bionics, which creates rehabilitation robotics platforms for clinical markets, developed an upper-limb exoskeletal robot to enable patients to relearn how to use limbs that are often left paralyzed by a stroke.

Based on neuromuscular physiology, the robot wraps around the patient’s shoulders, arms and wrists, and can power their joints to assist patients as they perform various dynamic movement tasks they must relearn.

In order for the robot to work, however, designers needed a crossed roller bearing that could carry large moment loads so the exoskeleton can move coaxially with the patients’ skeletal structure as they move their arms. 

The blog post describes how Harmonic Bionics chose IKO’s CRBH and CRBF Series crossed roller bearings, and the challenges they faced. A case study on the project can be downloaded for free here.