Supernal VertiPort400x275Supernal and Urban-Air Port have announced the debut of Air-One - a proprietary deployable operations hub for manned and unmanned vehicles that can handle future electric air travel. The vertiport is open for public visitation in Coventry, U.K., and will be redeployed in additional cities worldwide later this year to continue to highlight future Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) passenger journeys and operations.


MayMobilityBraunAbility400x275May Mobility, which develops autonomous vehicle (AV) technology and ride-share operations, has announced partnering with BraunAbility, a manufacturer of mobility transportation solutions, to modify the May Mobility Toyota Sienna Autono-MaaS (S-AM) fleet to include ADA-compliant vehicles.


GambitAvalonSterilTech400x275SoftBank Robotics Group has announced its strategic equity investment in Avalon SteriTech, which aims to strengthen the companies’ collaboration since the joint venture was established in March 2021. Upon the completion of the transaction, SoftBank Robotics will own approximately 5% of Avalon’s disinfection business.



DavinciAddverb400x275Davinci Micro Fulfillment and Addverb Technologies have announced a strategic partnership that pairs Addverb’s automation technology with Davinci’s specialization in micro-fulfillment solutions. The plan is to launch and expand micro-fulfillment centers across North America, with an estimated 750 to 1,000 centers by 2030 in order to offer brands and retailers expanded operations to reach customers with Same Day, Next Day or 2nd-Day services.


Iris TrueWeather400x275TruWeather Solutions, which develops micro-weather data and analytics solutions, has announced a partnership with Iris Automation to integrate its micro-weather services and weather sensors into the Iris Automation Casia G ground-based surveillance system (GBSS). The combination and meshed network will provide real-time integrated communications, collision avoidance and micro-weather data to operators.


KarcherBrain400x275Kärcher has announced it is expanding its autonomous product line with a new professional robotic scrubber. The KIRA B 100 R, powered by Brain Corp’s BrainOS, aims to handle floor cleaning duties so staff members can tackle higher-value tasks. Kärcher said the KIRA acronym stands for Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications.


MisoCookRight400x275Miso Robotics, which is developing robotics and intelligent automation for the restaurant industry, has announced its latest product line, CookRight Coffee. The AI-powered system is designed to monitor key coffee metrics such as volume, temperature and time data, and combine these with data analytics to guarantee a quality cup of coffee and more efficient team member experience. Miso has teamed up with Panera Bread to evaluate and test the CookRight Coffee system.


ThundercommSoC400x275China’s Pudu Robotics has announced unveiling two intelligent robots empowered by Thundercomm’s advanced system on module (SOM) products and technologies. The SwiftBot and PUPU D1 are designed to meet the demands of food delivery and restaurants and goods deliveries in separate scenarios.


STEERTech DFW400x275STEER Tech, an autonomous vehicle technology company, has announced it was awarded funding to develop a cutting-edge testbed at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to demonstrate a comprehensive automated parking ecosystem.


Kodiak USXpress400x275Self-driving trucking company Kodiak Robotics has announced a partnership with U.S. Xpress to launch Level 4 autonomous freight service between the Dallas-Fort Worth and Atlanta route, using Kodiak’s self-driving trucks. U.S. Xpress will become a cornerstone truckload partner in Kodiak’s Partner Deployment Program, working with Kodiak to deploy the self-driving technology. The partnership also marks the launch of the first commercial autonomous trucking lane to the East Coast, the companies said.


AuroraTruck400x275Aurora Innovation has announced a collaboration and commercial pilot with Werner Enterprises, a transportation and logistics provider. The two companies aim to test and safely deploy autonomous trucks to haul loads between Fort Worth, Texas, and El Paso, Texas, one of the most commercially active highways in the U.S.


MarkSetBot400x275WeatherFlow-Tempest has announced a collaboration with MarkSetBot to integrate data from their fleet of robotic sailing buoys into the company’s SailFlow app, which is used by sailors around the world. The sustainable smart buoys, fixed with wind measurement instruments, will provide WeatherFlow-Tempest’s SailFlow app with even more real-time wind data to better inform users.


SierraSpace Nissan Teledyne400x275Teledyne Brown Engineering has announced it will lead a team along with partners Sierra Space and Nissan North America to design the crewed Lunar Terrain Vehicle that supports future exploration on the moon.


MDA RobotArmLunarRover400x275MDA Ltd., which develops advanced technologies and services for the space industry, has announced it is working with Lockheed Martin and General Motors to integrate MDA’s commercial robotic arm technology on a planned human-rated lunar mobility vehicle.


Lanner MOV 400x275Lanner Electronics and MOV.AI have announced a collaboration to provide developers of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) an integrated computing and software platform to help optimize performance and speed the deployment of AMRs.


OsaroKonoike400x275Konoike Transport, OSARO and inVia Robotics have teamed up on a new project to showcase a prototype of an automated warehouse where autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) work together with picking robots. The system is optimized for warehouse and e-commerce applications that involve large SKU inventories, and will take place at the Konoike Institute of Technology Innovation Center (KITC) in Japan.