WiBotic ClearpathHusky400x275WiBotic, which develops autonomous charging and fleet energy management solutions for aerial, mobile, marine and space robotics, has teamed up with Clearpath Robotics to create wireless charging kits for two models of autonomous robots. Now available through Clearpath’s online component store are kits for the Jackal UGV and Husky UGV. The kits can either be installed on new robots before they are shipped, or retrofitted to existing robots with standard tools and simple instructions.


ThirdWave400x275Third Wave Automation and Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) have announced a strategic partnership to produce the next generation of intelligent, fully autonomous material handling vehicles.


PhantomAuto400x275Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas group, which manufactures and provides material handling and automation fleet solutions, has announced a partnership with Phantom Auto, which provides interoperable remote operation software. The partnership will enable operators, who are sitting up to thousands of miles away, to remotely operate unmanned tuggers, pallet jacks, counterbalances, and more, the companies said in a statement.


FPInnovations400x275Robotic Research, which develops automated driving systems, has teamed up with Canadian non-profit research and development center FPInnovations to develop an off-road truck platnooning system for the forest industry. The project will combine Robotic Research’s expertise in self-driving technology with FPInnovations’ knowledge of forestry and transportation to adapt the technology for off-highway environments.


EksoNR 400x275Ekso Bionics Holdings, which develops exoskeleton technology for medical and industrial usages, has announced expanding its partnership with Kindred Healthcare. The expansion will bring EksoNR, its robotic exoskeleton, to four of Kindred’s long-term acute care (LTAC) hospitals in the U.S. The multi-unit order follows a successful pilot program of the EksoNR last year, the company said.


VueronScreen400x275Innoviz Technologies, which develops high-performance, solid-state lidar sensors and perception software, is teaming up with Vueron Technology, which develops lidar perception software and autonomous driving technology. The cooperation will help build an autonomous driving platform for lidar-only self-driving vehicles, the companies said in a statement.


SymbioRobotics400x275Symbio Robotics, which develops artificial intelligence for industrial robotics, has announced working with Ford Motor Company to deploy an AI-controlled robot at the automaker’s Livonia Transmission Plant. The robot is programmed and managed with Symbio’s robot-agnostic platform, SymbioDCS, to assemble transmissions for the Bronco Sport, Escape, and Edge, among others.


NeuralaScan400x275Neurala, which develops AI vision software, has announced a partnership with IHI Logistics & Machinery to increase the effectiveness of optical character recognition (OCR) reading of package information by automatically identifying expiration dates. The goal is to reduce waste and relieve workers from mundane, repetitive tasks, the companies said in a statement.


AMPRoboticsPET400x275AMP Robotics, which develops artificial intelligence, robotics and infrastructure for the waste industry, has deployed six of its AI-guided robotic sorting systems with Evergreen, one of the nation’s largest recyclers of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles at its Ohio processing facility. Evergreen is a subsidiary of Greenbridge, formerly Polychem, a manufacturer of polyester and polypropylene products serving the food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and industrial industries since 1974.


DiligentKendraScott400x275Fashion accessories designer Kendra Scott has announced a partnership with Diligent Robotics, developer of the Moxi hospital robot assistant, to deploy the robots with pediatric patients through its Kendra Cares program. The robot will help provide social, emotional, and cognitive development while caregivers connect via an app.


BerkshireGrey400x275SoftBank Robotics and SoftBank Logistics have announced a joint partnership with Berkshire Grey to offer an advanced third-party logistics service for eCommerce fulfillment. The SB Logistics’ 3PL offering uses Berkshire Grey’s Intelligent Enterprise Robotics solutions that autonomously pick, carefully place, and pack customer orders to best meet the extremely high standards in the Japanese market, the companies said in a statement.

ComauRockwell400x275Rockwell Automation and Comau have announced they are joining forces to give businesses worldwide vital tools to maximize manufacturing efficiencies through unified robot control solutions. The goal is to simplify robot integration for manufacturers, giving them easier, smarter and more productive ways to design, deploy and manage robot applications.

TrimbleHorsch400x275HORSCH and Trimble have announced a collaboration that will focus on developing solutions to enable autonomy in agriculture with the goal of building a future for autonomous machines and workflows in the industry. The collaboration will extend beyond autonomously controlling machines, such as a self-propelled crop protection sprayer, to full workflow automation from the office to the field. The relationship will integrate Trimble’s autonomy expertise in guidance systems, path planning and in-field automation with HORSCH’s fleet of machines.

HydroQuebec400x275Hydro-Quebec has announced a partnership agreement with Quebec-based Nucleom for the industrialization and commercialization of its LineCore and LineOhm power line inspection technologies, developed by robotics experts at the Hydro-Quebec research center.

Kiwibot 400x275Kiwibot, a robotic delivery service that has completed more than 150,000 robot deliveries in Santa Monica, Calif., and other locations, has announced the launch of its next-generation Kiwibot 4.0. The company plans to expand deliveries to other cities beginning in May and has partnered with Chick-fil-a to pilot robot deliveries with the fast-food chicken giant.

AnsysVelodyneSim400x275Velodyne and Ansys have announced they are developing software models of next-generation automotive lidar sensors in order to provide improved hazard identification capabilities for autonomous vehicles. The collaboration incorporates Velondyne’s lidar design into Ansys’ virtual sensor suite and expedites automakers’ integration of Velodyne’s sensor into AVs, delivering driving safety and a drastically faster path to market, the companies said in a statement.


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