LorchYaskawa400x275Germany’s Lorch Welding (Schweißtechnik) and Yaskawa have announced a portfolio of new, turnkey compact welding cells to enable small and midsize companies to experience robot-automated welding to produce small assemblies. The welding processes are controlled through a consistent operating interface to make production easier.


HandshakeStock400x275Novanta, which operates business units Celera Motion and ATI Industrial Automation, has announced a new partnership with MassRobotics to help create and scale the next generation of robotics startups. Through the partnership, the company will collaborate with MassRobotics to develop advanced innovations in medical/surgical robotics and to improve robotic productivity.


CyngnGreenland400x275Cyngn, which develops autonomous vehicle systems for industrial fleets, has announced a strategic partnership with Greenland Technologies, a manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles. The two companies will develop self-driving capabilities to Greenland’s forklifts through Cyngn’s Enterprise Autonomy Suite, with the goal of having the forklifts switch between fully autonomous, manual, and remote-controlled modes.


BrainSams400x275Sam’s Club, the membership warehouse club division of Walmart, has announced a national, chain-wide rollout of an inventory scanning feature to its existing fleet of robotic scrubbers. The deployment is in partnership with Brain Corp and Tennant Company, which recently launched its Inventory Scan attachment option.


DoraSort400x275China’s Dorabot, which provides robotics solutions for logistics, has announced the launch of DoraSorter, an artificial intelligence-powered sorting robot, in collaboration with FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. The sorting robot represents FedEx Express’ latest push in digitizing its operations and building a smart logistics network to handle growing volumes of e-commerce shipments in the region.


DHL BostonDynamics400x275DHL Supply Chain, the global and North American contract logistics leader within Deutsche Post DHL Group, today announced a $15 million investment in robotics solutions from Boston Dynamics, the global leader in mobile robotics, to further automate warehousing in North America. The companies have signed a multi-year agreement that begins with equipping DHL facilities with Stretch, Boston Dynamics’ newest robot specifically designed to automate the unloading process in distribution centers.


UVDRobotsHospitalRoom400x275Denmark’s UVD Robots has announced that Ecolab, a global leader in infection prevention solutions and services, has expanded its portfolio to include UVID Robots in offerings to healthcare customers, hospitals, in-patient and out-patient clinics, ambulatory surgical facilities, and rehabilitation clinics.


BeyondPRGelsite400x275Beyond Imagination, an AI and robotics platform company developing humanoid robots, has announced teaming up with GelSight, which develops tactile intelligence technology, to initiate a pilot to study the feasibility of using humanoid robots to remotely operate GelSight’s tactile sensors.


ServeOnStreet400x275Ouster and Serve Robotics have announced a strategic customer agreement that includes a binding commitment for OS digital lidar sensors through 2023, along with a non-binding forecast for additional sensors through 2025 as Serve Robotics scales its delivery fleets across U.S. cities and beyond.


AquilineSpartacus400x275Aquiline Drones, an American drone manufacturing and cloud technology company, and GlobalFlyte, makers of the AWARE secure, cloud-based suite of technologies designed for first responders, have announced a strategic partnership to enhance the ability to comprehensively respond to any emergency incident.


ColumbiaCyngnFleet400x275Cyngn, which develops autonomous driving software for industrial and commercial enterprises, has announced it will team up with Columbia Vehicle Group to kick off production of a fleet of autonomous Columbia Stockchasers powered by Cyngn’s Enterprise Autonomy Suite (EAS).


WaymoJBHunt400x275J.B. Hunt Transport Services has announced a long-term, strategic alliance with Waymo Via aimed to advance innovative efforts to integrate commercial autonomous driving technology in transportation and logistics. The goal is to complete fully autonomous transport in Texas within the next few years, the companies said.


6River Ricoh400x275Ricoh USA and 6 River Systems have announced a new initiative designed to support warehouse efficiencies. Under the agreement, Ricoh’s Service Advantage will complement 6 River’s existing service team for its collaborative robots – called ‘Chucks’ – and expand its geographical reach to provide technical support to customers faster.


VecowECX1000 400x275Vecow, which develops embedded AIoT systems, has announced a collaboration with MOV.AI, which helps assist designers with autonomous mobile robot (AMR) development. The partnership will provide an integrated AMR solution that includes Vecow’s ECX-1000 Series Workstation-grade Fanless System with MOV.AI’s Robotics Engine Platform. The combination will help customers develop industrial AMRs to meet a demand of more than 2.1 million mobile robots by the end of 2023, the companies said.


NimbusScreen400x275Cogniteam, which develops a cloud-based robotic artificial intelligence solution, has announced a partnership with NVIDIA to support the Jetson edge AI platform into its Nimbus offering. The partnership will allow customers to use NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated technologies to develop and deploy robots through the cloud.


OsaroInnotech400x275Osaro, which develops advanced robotics automation systems, and Innotech, which provides advanced products for electronics and consumer industries, have announced a collaboration to  create a demonstration for Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. using AI piece-picking robots. The two companies are jointly providing picking robots and building a system into a new factory production line, scheduled for completion in 2022.


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Modular Automation Enables Flexible Production Line Layout


Modular automation is the next phase of factory automation where the same production line is separated into modules and can be quickly reconfigured to adapt to different needs. Modular automation compatible products by Oriental Motor include the compact and lightweight DC-powered products, such as the AZ Series mini driver and the BLV Series R Type.


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