November 15, 2022

AddverbMultiPro720 400x275Addverb Technologies has announced a partnership with McMurray Stern, which develops mobile storage and automation systems. The two companies plan to make warehouse automation systems more affordable to a broader market, combining McMurray Stern’s integrated storage options with Addverb’s fixed and flexible solutions for picking, packing, storage and other automation tasks. These integrations will be aimed for businesses in apparel, grocery, retail, healthcare and government markets.

"McMurray Stern's experience in integrated design-build lays a foundation for Addverb's hardware and software innovations," said Sriram Sridhar, Addverb's Chief Revenue Officer. "McMurray Stern has a long legacy within the storage and micro fulfillment industry. We are looking to learn from their experience and work together to offer creative solutions to their customers."

The strategic partnership will focus on providing Addverb's robots, includingMulti-Pro (Mother-Child Pallet Shuttle, pictured at left), Zippy (Guided Sortation Robot), Quadron (Carton Shuttle), and Dynamo (Autonomous Mobile Robot) to deliver streamlined and cost-effective automation systems to McMurray Stern's customers. Addverb said it will also provide its robust software suite consisting of Concinity (Warehouse Execution System), Mobinity (Warehouse Control System), and Movect (Fleet Management System). All of the software can also be integrated with a company’s EMS, warehouse management software (WMS) or any third-party system. Concinity manages the end-to-end functions of a warehouse with coordination among different operations. Mobinity (Warehouse Control System) ensures real-time tracking of materials inside a warehouse and optimizes material handling. Movect centrally manages the robot fleet end-to-end with effective coordination, accurate control, and efficient scheduling. 

"The Addverb and McMurray Stern alliance will bring a new level of performance to our customers that will make warehouse automation systems more affordable to a broader market. We are very excited about our new partnership with Addverb that complements our comprehensive solutions offering," said Pat Fitzpatrick, vice president of sales and marketing at McMurray Stern.

For more information about Addverb Technologies, visit its website here. To learn more about McMurray Stern, visit its website here.