November 3, 2022

GreyOrangeFleet400x275GreyOrange, which develops automated robotic fulfillment solutions, has announced an agreement with Latin American fashion e-commerce platform Dafiti. The agreement aims to enhance warehouse productivity for Dafiti’s operations in Chile through the GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform and mobile robot deployment.

The GreyMatter platform helps enable GreyOrange’s Ranger MoveSmart (RMS) robots to deliver scalable and agile conveying and sorting systems, which in turn results in greater fulfillment efficiency and accuracy, the company said. GreyOrange partnered with Sistemo, a South American consulting and implementation firm, to help Dafiti serve its customers faster through the use of the RMS robots and orchestration software.

“We chose GreyOrange to support our fulfillment operations because we want to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience with reliable, fast delivery times and complete visibility,” said Jose Miguel Cortes, chief operating officer for Spanish Speaking Countries at Dafiti Group. “As we plan for future growth, we knew that within the next five years we’d need a solution that could give us increased flexibility and scalability.”

The GreyMatter software orchestrates the operations of the RMS robots to help replace Dafiti’s traditional processes in its fulfillment centers. The robots help optimize multiple flows, such as cross-dock orders; items that need to be consolidated and put away; and outbound sorting of packed orders. These workflows are all processed in a single field, with more than 100 destinations, helping to reduce the operational footprint, storage costs, handling times, while also maximizing efficiency, GreyOrange said.

“Fast-growing companies like Dafiti require automation solutions that allow them to easily adjust their fulfillment processes as market dynamics change, which we know is inevitable,” said Samay Kohli, CEO and co-founder of GreyOrange. “The power to quickly adapt gives retailers an edge in today’s market. As our partnership grows with Dafiti, GreyMatter’s ability to integrate additional automation solutions alongside RMS will enable the increased flexibility and scalability Dafiti requires.”

For more details on GreyOrange and its robotic technologies, visit its website here.