July 28, 2022

GreenSight Husqvarna400x275Husqvarna and GreenSight have announced a strategic partnership to combine their technologies in a comprehensive solution aimed at turf managers to enhance quality,  use less natural resources, and reduce costs. The TurfCloud solution combines with the Husqvarna Automower to serve large-scale outdoor facilities such as golf courses and sports turf facilities to help create new efficiencies and reduce labor needs.

Husqvarna is offering the Automower and CEORA robotic mowers, while GreenSight is utilizing daily drone imaging to support the TurfCloud management platform. The system lets professionals proactively monitor and manage their turf and teams.

“Our low noise, emission-free Automower combined with the GreenSight’s suite of digital management tools, sensors and imaging is a revolutionary step forward in turf management for golf courses, sports facilities and other public green spaces,” said Jason Connor, director of commercial robotics at Husqvarna. “Our EPOS technology provides unparalleled flexibility and eliminates the need for physical boundary wires, making the Automower a perfect complement to the GreenSight digital solution.”

“Bringing together two leaders in ground and aerial robotics is a natural partnership that has resulted in an industry changing turf management solution,” said James Peverill, CEO of GreenSight. “Integrating Husqvarna’s robotic mowers into our TurfCloud golf course management system creates an efficient and effective solution for golf course superintendents and turf managers that makes their jobs easier while improving turf quality and easing staff resource constraints. The new platform brings together all of the turf manager’s drone imagery, sensor data, agronomic tools, labor, and robotics planning systems into one revolutionary integrated digital command center.”

For more details on GreenSight, visit its website here.

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