April 28, 2022

3MRoboTape 400x275Commercial bonding manufacturer 3M has teamed up with systems integrator Innovative Automation to provide industrial manufacturers with an automated solution for tape applications that require precision, repeatability and high output. The RoboTape System for 3M Tape allows manufacturers to gain the benefits of 3M tape in an assembly process, while also maximizing production throughput, improving quality, and reducing manual labor and limiting re-work.

The offering provides an improved way to apply 3M tapes precisely for high-volume applications at production speeds that aren’t achievable with manual tape application, 3M said. Features of the RoboTape system include:

  • A preconfigured and optimized system for several 3M VHB tapes
  • A payout (unwind stand) that is capable of zero-downtime spool changes, a patent-pending feed system and a lightweight applicator head
  • A flexible design that can be integrated onto small or large industrial robots, as well as cobots, from several robot OEMs
  • Adjustability for foam, felt, and attachment tapes
  • The use of level wound rolls of 3M VHB tape to achieve extended run times and minimize material handling.

“At 3M, we are focused on helping our customers improve bonding accuracy and outcomes wherever they are in their automation journey and this system is another step forward for industrial manufacturing,” said Chris Goralski, president of 3M’s industrial adhesives and tapes division. “We are thrilled to be working with Innovative Automation to help bring our customers new ways to support their applications.”

The two companies said they plan to demonstrate the RoboTape system at upcoming trade shows, including Automate (June 6-9 in Detroit), the 3M Open Future Technology Experience (July 18-24, Minneapolis), and the International Manufacturing and Technology Show (IMTS – September 12-17, Chicago).

More details on the system are available at this 3M website.

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