AutomateTrends FANUC 400x275One of the great things about attending trade shows and conferences in person is being able to see “the big picture” and larger trends within a market based on conversations with several companies and attendees, rather than individual news announcements or meetings. Such was the case for us at this week’s Automate 2022 event in Detroit, where robot manufacturers, component makers and systems integrators gathered to meet with customers and potential customers looking to automate their organizations.


XponentialComposite400x275Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) brought its annual conference, XPONENTIAL, to Orlando, Apr. 25-28. The event invites industry innovators, technology experts and end users together to experience new technology that is solving real world problems, from safety and defense, to energy and infrastructure, business, construction, health, and the environment.  

ConciergeRobot400x275As pandemic mitigation measures have extended into community settings around the world over the past two years, so too have robot helpers. We are now increasingly seeing facility managers deploying robots in commercial and residential buildings, schools, airports, railway stations and more to help keep communities safe. 


Opinion CarsOnLot Pixabay400x275Global consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners released results from its Automotive consumer Survey 2022, which showcased U.S. consumer attitudes around new mobility choices, technologies and their preferred buying experience. While much of the survey covered areas such as how much people dislike going to the car dealership or negotiating on price, the survey did tackle some questions around people’s attitudes towards autonomous vehicles.


EnsensoLaundry400x275How a German tech startup enabled automation for industrial laundries through vision systems and robotics.


LocomationTrucksNewStudy400x275Locomation, which is developing autonomous trucking technology, has announced a new analysis that shows a major reduction in CO2 through the adoption of the company’s Autonomous Relay Convoy (ARC) system.


MODEX2022 crowdThousands of people gathered in Atlanta this week for the MODEX 2022 event, which showcases supply chain and logistics solutions for companies aiming to get products into the hands of customers. A huge focus of the show in recent years has been the growth of automation and robotics systems, which was on display again this year.


BrainInventoryClean400x275Robotics World recently spoke with Josh Baylin, vice president of product and marketing at Brain Corp., about the latest advances in autonomy, the future of multi-task robots and multi-robot deployments, and the need for interoperability.


KorberAMRs400x275One of the most common misconceptions around warehouse robotics and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is that they are incredibly complex and difficult to put into action. While the technology is complex and modern, the implementation and application has shown to be quicker and more efficient than other technology products. Often, the complexity arises around integration with a warehouse management system (WMS) rather than on the operational aspects/deployment of the robots themselves.


UVD Europe 400x275Robotics World spoke with Blue Ocean Robotics CEO Claus Risager about how his company is handling surging demand for disinfection robots while also managing supply shortages for key components.


ServeMilestone400x275As companies continue to grow, innovate and deploy their robotics and autonomous technologies, certain milestones are met. This week, two companies made announcements regarding achieving new goals – sidewalk delivery firm Serve Robotics said it was the first autonomous vehicle company to complete commercial deliveries at Level 4 autonomy; and WeRide announced it reached 10 million kilometers (6.2 million+ miles) of autonomous driving on public roads, with 2.5 million km in fully driverless mode.


CESTakeaways400x275CES is always one of the biggest trade shows of the year, where companies from all different sectors come to Las Vegas to show off their latest innovations. Companies that make robots, drones and self-driving cars are among those that have attended in recent years, and this year was no different. While several big companies pulled out of the show due to COVID-related concerns, there were still enough announcements in the space to make people talk about what’s coming next in technology.


Warehouse Korber JohnColumn1 400x275Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are quickly becoming a must-have technology for warehouses, especially those that perform e-commerce fulfillment operations. Research firm Interact Analysis predicts that by 2025, 2.1 million mobile robots will have been shipped worldwide. Many that assume this growth is being driven by the ever-present desire to reduce operational costs are often overlooking other drivers. While operational cost reduction is important and measurable, there are far more impactful issues driving the investments of AMR technologies today.


InVia Gnarlywood 3PL 400x275The rise of e-commerce from consumers has also placed demand on retailers to fill orders faster. Here's why many are turning to third-party logistics providers, and why those companies are turning to robots and automation.


MujinPalletizer QA hero400x275Robotics World recently chatted with Josh Cloer, director of sales for Mujin Corp., about the need for better training methods around industrial robots, the state of industrial robots within logistics, and the challenges of entering the U.S. robotics market.


GeorgiaTechRyder400x275Fleet management and supply chain company Ryder System has announced a data-driven study on the impact of autonomous trucking. The company worked with researchers in transportation and mobility at the H. Milton School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) at Georgia Tech to understand how to approach autonomy, and the potential return on investment. Ryder said the result is a roadmap to commercialization based on real-world data – and a significant cost savings.