November 15, 2022

Attabotics 400x275Canada-based Attabotics, which develops 3D robotics for fulfillment centers, has announced it raised $71.7 million in Series C-1 funding. The new round of funding, which brings its total raised to $165.1 million, will be used to further accelerate the commercialization of its 3D robotics warehousing solution to meet post-COVID demand.

Attabotics develops an all-in-one automated fulfillment system that condenses a typical warehouse by creating a single, vertical storage structure. Inside the structure, robotic shuttles known as Attabots move in three-dimensional space to pick goods that are then presented to workers at a workstation on the outside perimeter.

The company said this architecture maximizes the flexibility and speed of warehouse processes while also reducing a retailer’s required warehouse needs by up to 85%. The reduction of space lets customers place warehouses closer to cities for faster delivery times, the company said.

“Our vision from day one has been revolutionizing the current supply chain system by offering retailers a fast, sustainable and ultramodern model to fulfill customer needs,” said Scott Gravelle, founder and CEO of Attabotics. “Creating the software and hardware needed to solve the global supply chain problem is a massive undertaking but this new funding, along with support from our investors and team, will allow us to scale our technology and double down on our commitment to implementing the most advanced fulfillment technology on the market.”

The latest funding round was led by Export Development Canada (EDC), with participation from Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (Ontario Teachers) through Teachers’ Venture Growth (TVG).

“It has been a privilege building a strategic relationship with Attabotics. They are a forward-thinking company developing innovative technologies to address global supply chain challenges for modern commerce while reducing trade’s environmental footprint,’’ said Guillermo Freire, senior vice president of mid-market group at EDC. “EDC is here to accelerate the international growth of mid-market companies like Attabotics. As a strategic partner, we can not only support with our financial solutions, but can also help fast-forward their growth by leveraging our international networks to support advancements into new markets and to develop new customer relationships around the world.’’

The company said it has partnered with several companies, including Pan Pacific Pet, Modern Beauty Supplies, the U.S. Department of Defense, Körber Supply Chain Automation, and SYNUS Tech. Attabotics also commercially launched its Attabot 2022 robot this year.

For more details on the company and its technology, visit the Attabotics website here.