September 20, 2022

MassageRobotics400x275Massage Robotics, which is developing a life-sized robot for massage therapy purposes, has announced a crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine. The company is seeking to solve problems around massage therapy that includes affordability, pain, time management, a shortage of therapists, and body privacy.

Founded by Christian Mackin and Sean Mackin, Massage Robotics is a fully articulated system that can learn and evolve its massage routines via machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing using Google’s Dialogflow. The company said the robots will solve many problems facing the multibillion-dollar massage and massage therapy industry.

"Probably the most glaring issue with massage are patients' fears of body security," said Christian Mackin, co-founder and CEO. "In a post pandemic world, touchless technologies are increasingly popular. Many people don't like being touched by someone unfamiliar. And with allegations of sexual misconduct in the news from time to time, the massage industry sometimes struggles with its reputation. Robots solve this problem precisely because they are not human."

"Ultimately, we're offering a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) monthly subscription for B2B wellness clinics,” Mackin continued. “And we anticipate that these will be priced to be approximately equal to the monthly income of one therapist. And other problems like affordability, shortage of therapists, and time management are solved by our overarching business plan, with the guidance of our advisory board."

The company’s board of advisors includes Jerome Williams, who played in the NBA between 1996 and 2005; Ben Way, an author, futurologist and tech investor; Dr. Patrick Khaziran, founder of Sports Rehab in Los Angeles; Dr. Edward Noboel, a designer and engineer who built the first percussion massager in 1974; Arglo G. Jorgensen II, a physical therapist with more than 30 years of experience; Julieanne Downing, a business administrator with expansive health and wellness expertise; and Dennis Conklin, an entrepreneur and angel investor.

"Robots can work 24/7/365 – without vacation, sick days, holidays, benefits, or taxes," said Sean Mackin, co-founder and business developer. "Businesses can enjoy healthy profit margins while also making massage more affordable. Our robots are also enabled with Natural Language Processing powered by Dialogflow – the same platform used by Google Assistant. Using a normal speaking voice, robots can be guided to the left and right and to push harder or softer during the massage. And because the robots remember every nudge and each client's preferences, they deliver a perfect massage every time. The robots are already learning what humans like – they are already evolving."

"We've implemented an ambitious growth plan to explore the potential here," continued Sean Mackin. "Widening our marketing channels to include trade shows and partnerships for example, all to reach our primary B2B target audience of massage clinics, hotel chains, along with professional and collegiate sports teams."

For more information, visit the Massage Robotics equity crowdfunding campaign here.

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