September 6, 2022

IndoorRobotics Tando400x275Israel’s Champel Capital has announced it added Indoor Robotics to its investment portfolio, raising $18 million in Series A funding. Indoor Robotics is developing an autonomous, aerial indoor security robot.

The company said developing an autonomous indoor security robot has challenged robotics designers for years. While some ground-based robots are commercially available, ordinary items such as chairs or steps can prevent them from securing an area. The Indoor Robotics’ Tando uses multiple sensors and proprietary algorithms to accurately map and navigate any indoor space, allowing it to autonomously navigate above or around any items in its path, enabling it to secure and monitor large areas.

“We chose to invest in Indoor Robotics for its people and their outstanding AI-based robotics technology,” said Amir Weitmann, managing partner at Champel Capital. “The founders, Doron Ben-David and Amit Moran, are experienced individuals coming from the robotics and space industries with a lot of passion and vision to improve the lives of humankind.”

The Tando can dock on the ceiling, functioning as a security camera when not in flight. Tando has already been deployed by many enterprises and security monitoring companies around the world, Champel Capital said.

“We are very excited to join Champel’s portfolio of companies,” said Doron Ben David, CEO and co-founder at Indoor Robotics. “We share a vision about how the future of robotics could look like and look forward to working together in making this vision a reality.”

The funding round was led by Pitango, and also included participation from the European Innovation Council, Target Global, Spider Capital, and others. The round will enable Indoor Robotics to boost product development and enable intelligent indoor security worldwide.

For more details on the company, visit Indoor Robotics’ website here.

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