July 20, 2022

JAKARobotics400x275China’s JAKA Robotics has announced it successfully completed about $150 million in Series D funding in the first half of 2022. The new funds will further support the globalization of the company and the research and development of new generations of its collaborative robots (aka cobots) to have more flexibility and intelligence.

The new financing was led by Temasek, TrueLight Capital, Softbank Vision Fund 2 and Prosperity7 Ventures, the diversified growth fund of Aramco Ventures, with participation from one strategic investor. The company’s Series C and C+ funding rounds in 2021 were for $50 million.

“As a leader in the new generation of cobots, JAKA Robotics has formed nine core technologies and six core algorithms, creating highly flexible intelligent solutions for industrial manufacturing that can be used in a wide range of scenarios,” said Li Mingyang, CEO of JAKA Robotics. “Our cobots have extensive communication interfaces and are equipped with vision systems, force sensors and other external devices. The perception equipment and robot design can be deeply integrated. It enables robots to independently carry out task planning in a complicated, unstructured environment, realizing the progress from human-machine cooperation to human-machine integration, covering more production areas.”

Earlier this year, the company launched the JAKA Pro Series, which can operate in harsh environments. The cobots are IP68 rated and can operate for nearly six years without interruption, JAKA said. 

With roots in technology developed since 1979, JAKA Robotics was founded in 2014 with the aim of innovating a new generation of collaborative robots to support Industry 4.0 initiatives and industrial automation efforts. The company said it has more than 10,000 cobots in operation worldwide, used in production lines in automotive, electronics, semiconductor and other industries. Applications include handling, palletizing, machining, testing, bonding, screw locking, polishing and welding. The company runs technology centers in Japan and Germany, and is working with more than 300 automation companies to provide localized services.

“We believe JAKA Robotics is one of the leading collaborative robot companies in China who is helping manufacturers boost productivity,” said Dennis Chang, managing partner at SoftBank Investment Advisors. “With its strong in-house R&D capabilities, JAKA's robots are high-performance and strongly suited for multiple industrial use cases, which is recognized by its global partners. We are pleased to partner with the company and support their vision of ushering in the era of flexible intelligent robots."

For more details on the company and its cobots, visit the JAKA Robotics website here.

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