April 26, 2022

RapyutaRobotics400x275Rapyuta Robotics, a Japan-based developer of collaborative pick-assist robots and other cloud-based warehouse robots, has announced raising $51 million (JPY 6.4 billion) in Series C funding to accelerate the expansion of its robotics and artificial intelligence technologies.

The new funding brings the total capital raised for Rapyuta to $81 million. The new funding round aims to further the company’s growth and market presence to an industry shifting to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and cloud-based software solutions. Raputa said it is focused on making robotics useful for all logistics applications, and providing support for the development, implementation, and operation of robotics solutions.

“Rapyuta Robotics will further its mission to make robots more attainable to global logistics users and to empower lives with new cloud robotics solutions,” said Gajan Mohanarajah, CEO and co-founder of Rapyuta. “We are grateful to Goldman Sachs and all our investors for their support of our vision to make robots more accessible by taking a platform approach.”

The new funding is earmarked for the expanded development of the Rapyuta PA-AMR (pick-assist robot), as well as partner training, research and development, and raising awareness of AMRs and their uses within logistics. Rapyuta said logistics companies that have introduced its collaborative pick-assist solution have seen a doubling of productivity in their operations within five months. In Japan, where Rapyuta Robotics has a large market share, automation solutions in logistics are addressing the problem of an aging population, low birth rate and chronic labor shortage. The company’s cloud robotics platform, rapyuta.io, uses advanced control and AI technologies to improve the efficiency and safety of warehouse operations, enable multiple robots to work together, and create a remote-controlled robot ecosystem.

“While the global logistics industry is rapidly expanding due to rising e-commerce demand, it faces a wave of digitization and a challenge of labor shortage,” said Stephanie Hui, global co-head of growth equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, which led the funding round. “As the industry seeks automation solutions to improve efficiency, we are optimistic about the growth of Rapyuta Robotics as a pioneer in cloud robotics platforms.”

For additional details on Rapyuta Robotics, visit its website here.