January 14, 2022

HDSGlobal RoboFS 400x275Home Delivery Service (HDS Global), a personalized e-commerce delivery service powered by the RoboFS touchless robotic fulfillment system, has announced the debut of a fully automated robotic fulfillment system at its Technology Center. The center is now open to demonstrate the solution HDS Global built from the ground up to solve problems in existing e-commerce systems.

The company also announced raising $5 million in strategic investments, including Michael Marks (founding managing partner of Celesta Capital; Eduardo Castro-Wright (former vice chairman and CEO of Walmart); and Rudy Salas (former senior vice president of Coca-Cola).

HDS Global said it designed and built its own fulfillment solution to execute on founder Louis Borders’ version for a modern e-commerce company that can deliver goods in a highly efficient manner that simultaneously reduces costs.

“There is no other fulfillment system in existence that can provide the kind of service we imagined,” said Borders, who was also the founder of Borders Books and Webvan. “In fact, no one has even come close, which is why we knew that for HDS Global to reach its potential, we had to build it ourselves. Although this called for a more strategic approach and an adjustment in our timelines, the result has far exceeded expectations. RoboFS is a fundamentally different, comprehensive solution that will enable us to fully meet strong market demand upon commercial release.”

The technology center, based in Indianapolis, was designed to demonstrate its high-throughput technology built for rapid rollout and 50% lower cost of operation than today’s system. The company said potential customers, partners and institutional investors who visit the center can see exactly how RoboFS will be implemented at scale for HDS Global’s e-commerce rollout.

The RoboFS automated fulfillment system enables touchless order fulfillment, resulting in fresher-than-store goods delivered direct to a customer’s door with free same-day delivery and premium one-hour service. The company has also developed a novel user experience, personalized around the dietary needs and desires of each individual customer. The company aims to transform e-commerce – leading with fresh groceries and including a broad, deep and brand-filled general merchandise selection.

For more details on the company, visit the HDS Global website here. To learn more about the RoboFS system, visit this website.