December 21, 2021

Calibrate400x275Calibrate Ventures has announced $97 million in new funds to partner with founders building the next generation of leading artificial intelligence and automation companies. The Calibrate Fund II will build on the company’s track record of investing in early-stage startups that are transforming industries such as education, healthcare, logistics, law, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation.

The company said the Calibrate Fund II is more than 20% larger than the firm’s fully invested first fund, which backed companies such as Built Robotics, Embodied, FarmWise, Soft Robotics, Talage, and TruckLabs. Since 2018, the company’s portfolio companies across the U.S. have created more than 530 jobs and raised a collective $425 million in financing. 

“Raising a second fund is a testament to the visionary founders Calibrate has supported since we founded the firm in 2017,” said Jason Schoettler, managing partner at Calibrate Ventures. “Every day, these entrepreneurs find new ways to deploy AI to improve the way we work, live, and communicate. We’re honored that Calibrate’s limited partners also see the outsized potential in an automated future.”

The company said it invests in visionary founders leveraging advanced automation to  unlock human and economic potential. Whether AI software or a robot, Calibrate defines automation as applying technology to a task, process, or workflow to make it safer, cheaper, faster, more reliable, or more sustainable. The company said it invests early in Seed or Series A companies, then partners with founders all along their growth journeys by providing hands-on guidance for go-to-market, marketing and communications, business development, and sales strategy.”


“Having a VC who understands robotics, AI, and manufacturing in our corner has been a real accelerant to our growth,” said Airyan Kabir, co-founder and CEO of GrayMatter Robotics, whose seed round Calibrate led earlier this year.

“Jason and I have been investing in AI and automation companies for over a decade, working closely with founders and taking active board roles to help them build their companies every step of the way,” said Kevin Dunlap, managing partner at Calibrate Ventures. “After seeing so many startups break out to work with corporate clients and bring their AI solutions to large global markets, we’re even more bullish today on these sectors, as automation has finally reached the mainstream in almost every industry.”

For more details on the company, visit the Calibrate Ventures website here.