May 3, 2021

PathRobotics400x275Columbus, Ohio-based Path Robotics, which is developing an autonomous robotic welding system, has announced raising $56 million in Series B funding, bringing the total invested into the company to $71 million. Leading the round was Addition, joining returning investors Drive Capital, Basis Set, and Lemnos Lab.

The company has developed a turnkey, robotic welding system capable of autonomous welding. Its AI-driven, robotic product aims to redefine industrial robotic welding. The technology was designed to ensure no system programming and require “no perfect parts,” the company said. Through proprietary scanning and computer vision technology, the system can see and understand nearly any part it is given with the ability to self-adjust for each unique part. The robot can analyze where a weld is needed and generates all the planning to execute a clean weld nearly instantly. Path said the system was designed to operate precisely in a manufacturing environment and with highly reflective materials.

“Current industrial robotics have very little ability to understand their environment and the task at hand,” said Andrew Lonsberry, CEO of Path Robotics. “Most robots merely repeat what they are told and have no ability to improve themselves. Our goal is to change this. The future of manufacturing hinges on highly capable robotics.”

Path Robotics said the number of people entering the welding workforce in America continues to fall, while the average age of welders continues to grow. The demand for welders is increasing at 3% per year while the supply is decreasing, creating a shortage in the American welding workforce of 400,000 skilled welders by 2024. This reality, coupled with a pandemic-driven increased demand for onshore manufacturing, is leading to a choke point for American manufacturing across industries, the company added. It said it is dedicated to building intelligent robotic systems to reduce the bottleneck and fuel a new generation of American manufacturing growth.

“Path Robotics is solving a complex and critical problem in our country by bridging the gap between the supply of skilled welders and demand,” said Lee Fixel of Addition. “We look forward to supporting the company as it works to lead American manufacturing into the future.”

More details on Path Robotics are available at its website.