January 13, 2021

Kindred SORT robot400x275SDI announced a partnership with Kindred to integrate its materials handling systems and technology with Kindred’s artificial intelligence AI pick and place robotic solutions, the company said in a statement. The partnership aims to help customers meet increasing retail fulfillment demands throughout the entire year, including peak seasons.

The SDI Distribution Center Management System (DCMS) software includes all parts of distribution center (DC) operations for retail, wholesale, fulfillment, and e-commerce companies.

“We are really excited about this partnership,” said Krish Nathan, CEO at SDI. “As an integrator, we’re eager to be able to offer such a great product to our clients and to partner with an innovative company such as Kindred.”

Warehouse associations work with Kindred’s SORT system to sort items into individual customer orders quickly and accurately. Kindred said the robots arrive ready to operate and adapt to each DC’s unique requirements. Machine learning algorithms also improve robot performance over time for the entire fleet. The SORT pick and place robots use CORE/AutoGrasp, a robotics AI platform that identifies items to pick, place, and sort into complete end-customer orders. It combines AI-powered machine vision, grasping, and manipulation algorithms that can handle a range of merchandise, including deformable items such as polybagged items, Kindred said. The company added its SORT robots have picked more than 100 million units in production to date.

“At Kindred, we pride ourselves on helping our clients to meet increased demand with greater efficiency, and to future-proof their operations through automation,” said Joe Nentwig, vice president of sales at Kindred. “Partnering with integrators such as SDI greatly helps us realize client KPIs for our entire install base.”

Late last year, online grocery giant Ocado announced the acquisition of Kindred, as well as Haddington Dynamics, to enhance robotic manipulation capabilities to accelerate the commercial delivery of robotic picking for its clients. A PDF case study of how the company helped Gap Inc. with its merchandise picks is available here.