September 26, 2022

TMobile Indro400x275T-Mobile has announced it is working with InDro Robotics, a Canadian air and ground robotics research and development company, to utilize 5G wireless connectivity to operate Indro’s ground-based industrial inspection robots. The companies are currently testing security and inspection capabilities at electrical substations.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) chose Canada-based InDro Robotics’ Sentinel to evaluate ground-roving robotics based on the ability to provide 24-hour substation asset inspection and security monitoring. The robot was able to run constant surveillance while streaming all of the data back to maintenance teams in near real-time through a custom-integrated 5G router connected to the T-Mobile network. The company said the rover could follow preset paths while running autonomously, and was remotely controlled by operators over the 5G network.

“Like most robotics, the Sentinel requires an ultra-reliable network with low latency, and T-Mobile 5G proves to be more than capable,” said John Saw, executive vice president of advanced & emerging technologies at T-Mobile. “The possibilities to use 5G in ways that keep people safe, make life easier and help businesses save money are endless. And we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.”

The InDro Sentinel features a thermal camera, depth sensor and 30x zoom capabilities, giving in the ability to read and report on gauge levels while monitoring for abnormalities such as fluctuating component temperatures, intruders, wildlife hazards and more. The data can be recorded and sent back to maintenance teams almost instantly, meaning fewer roll outs, quicker responses and increased on-site safety, T-Mobile said. 

“The most important part of monitoring industrial complexes is being able to reliably capture and send data to customer maintenance teams in real-time, no matter where they are or how far away,” said Peter King, head of robotic solutions at InDro Robotics. “Using T-Mobile’s 5G network in EPRI’s evaluation was a no-brainer, and thanks to its reach, we can carry out robot and drone operations in the U.S. nearly anywhere, anytime.”

For more details on InDro Robotics and its technologies, visit its website here.