August 2, 2022

CobaltRobotics Door400x275Safetrust, which develops secure and virtual credential solutions, has announced further integration of its sensor ecosystem into Cobalt Robotics’ autonomous mobile security robots. The expanded partnership allows Cobalt robots to connect with the Safetrust ecosystem of security offerings more seamlessly.

Cobalt’s robots provide safety and security through corporate office spaces, automating security workflows more reliably than humans. With the deeper integration between Safetrust and Cobalt, businesses can better track where the robots are located, and how robots interact with people based on their credentials, and instantly deploy robots in emergencies. As an example, this could include active shooter scenarios where robots have access to doors and areas in a building and can more quickly respond.

“Safetrust is a pioneer in identity, utilizing technology to offer employees safe, frictionless movement throughout their spaces,” said Mike LeBlanc, president of Cobalt Robotics. “Our robots provide the same comfortable and effective solution for companies around the world. We’re proud to continue building the future of security with Safetrust.”

The integration expansion also allows Safetrust’s and Cobalt’s customers to leverage technology as they face labor shortages and high turnover of security personnel.

“We are proud to support Cobalt in its critical mission to create advanced robotics, particularly for keeping spaces safe and secure, aligning with our vision of connected, seamless access,” said Deon Chatterton, vice president of product management at Safetrust. “It becomes more than just a robot opening a door. A robot can integrate with a larger identity ecosystem, providing on-demand identification, like employee onboarding, visitor credentialing, mustering, detecting unauthorized people and resources in active shooter scenarios, and more.”

The Cobalt Remote Guarding Service solutions includes robots with more than 60 sensors, including day-night cameras, 360-degree cameras, thermal and depth cameras, lidar, and badge-reading capabilities. By using machine learning, semantic mapping and novelty detection, the robot can independently identify and flag security-relevant anomalies, including people, sounds, doors, windows, and motion, along with missing assets. Each robot includes a screen for communicating between remote security specialists and those on-site.

In the event of an incident, the security specialists provide human assistance for complex situations, such as triaging the incident, contacting appropriate personnel and reporting back to the company’s security team, based on collaboratively established post orders. The robots can also provide two-way video from the robot to greet employees, request badge credentials and ensure guest check-in.

For more details on Safetrust’s technology, visit its website here. To learn more about Cobalt Robotics, visit its website here.

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