April 27, 2022

CobaltRobotics400x275Cobalt Robotics, which automates repetitive manual security and facility tasks through a robots-as-a-service model, has announced enabling enterprise mobile video chat on its robots. With the upgrade, enterprises can connect staff and visitors with a live employee from their organization or security team first, with backup from Cobalt’s Command Center, through real-time video on the robot wherever the robot is patrolling.

The mobile video chat enables clients to connect visitors and staff entering their offices, whether it’s a satellite or launchpad, directly with a receptionist or security officer from the main corporate office via video on the robot for any concerns or questions. If that person is unavailable, the client is automatically routed to Cobalt’s Command Center. Cobalt said its specialists are available for 24/7 backup from the company’s SOC2-compliant global security operations center. Large enterprises with satellite offices located around the country need to maintain a high level of security, communications and availability to staff and visitors as they enter buildings. The new enterprise mobile video chat makes connections to an organization’s headquarters easy, and communications more personal for employees to stay better connected with one another, Cobalt said.

Cobalt’s RaaS offering includes autonomous patrolling with mobile robots, with more than 60 sensors that can facilitate continuous data collection throughout a facility, giving insights into the security, safety and facility trends over time. The company offers detailed and customizable Daily Security Reports that give customers real-time information.

Through its machine learning, semantic mapping and novelty detection features, Cobalt’s robots can independently identify and flag security-relevant anomalies, including people, sounds, motion, doors and windows and missing assets. For example, if the robot identifies a door that should be closed as being open, a picture is escalated to and confirmed by a security specialist at Cobalt’s command center. The incident can then be escalated to a customer according to their specified criteria. The security specialists can also provide human assistance for complex situations, with the ability to triage the incident, contact appropriate personnel and report back to the security team. 

“As employers navigate the return to the office, security, uniform access control, and consistent communications for all employees, regardless of location, is paramount,” said Mike LeBlanc, chief operating officer at Cobalt Robotics. “Cobalt is fulfilling a critical gap for businesses that need round-the-clock security and facility maintenance tasks complete; these are often repetitive, mundane tasks like checking doors and alarms that can be automated, so guards can spend time on jobs that require empathy, judgment, and creativity. Our service also provides more consistent data, historical analysis, and detailed reporting to organizations. We are excited to add new features like enterprise mobile video chat so large enterprises can make communications and access control for a distributed workforce smooth and help employees feel connected as they transition back to physical offices.”

For more details about Cobalt Robotics, visit its website here.