April 21, 2021

KnightscopeDimensionFunding400x275Knightscope, which develops advanced physical security technologies using fully autonomous robots for security operations, has announced it has secured up to $10 million in financing for its operations and to help clients with financing robot subscription agreements.

The company has partnered with Dimension Funding to enable clients to finance their Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) subscription agreements. The program will provide Knightscope clients with subscription financing alternatives of up to $10 million in the first 12 to 24 months, the company said.

Founded in 1978, Dimension Funding specializes in working with equipment, software and technology vendors, providing innovative and flexible financing to their clients. The company funds, on average, $50 million per year in vendor financing.

“We are excited to put this financing program in place to help our clients and allow us to accelerate our growth,” said William Santana Li, chairman and CEO of Knightscope. “We believe this is an opportunity to greatly improve our overall operating cash flow.”

Knightscope, based in Silicon Valley, builds fully autonomous security robots that deter, detect and report security incidents. The company said its long-term ambition is “to make the United States of America the safest country in the world.” More details on the company are available at its website.

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Modular Automation Enables Flexible Production Line Layout


Modular automation is the next phase of factory automation where the same production line is separated into modules and can be quickly reconfigured to adapt to different needs. Modular automation compatible products by Oriental Motor include the compact and lightweight DC-powered products, such as the AZ Series mini driver and the BLV Series R Type.


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