MisoRoboticsSW400x275Miso Robotics, which develops intelligent automation solutions for the foodservice industry, has announced a stand-alone software as a service (SaaS) offering, CookRight. The artificial intelligence-powered cooking platform can automatically identify and track products and tasks within a kitchen.


KrogerDeliveryDrone400x275The Kroger Co. and Drone Express have announced a pilot program to offer grocery delivery via autonomous drones, expanding the retailer’s ecosystem to provide customers with “anything, anytime, anywhere.” The pilot program will take flight this spring in the Midwest, the companies said in a statement.


BrainCameraSecurity400x275For many people, cameras in public spaces imply surveillance due to how they have been used traditionally (e.g., traffic cameras, retail security cameras, etc.). But for companies in the autonomous mobile robotics industry, cameras are used for the purpose of helping self-driving robots navigate the world around them in a safe and efficient manner. For these technology providers, an ongoing challenge is to build public trust and help reshape preconceived notions regarding the use of camera images.


SimbeSaveMart400x275The Save Mart Companies has announced launching a pilot program with Simbe Robotics to deploy several of Simbe’s autonomous inventory robots, known as Tally, in select Save Mart, Lucky/Lucky California, and FoodMaxx stores in the Modesto and East Bay areas of California.

KrogerOcado400x275The Kroger Co. has launched its first Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC) in the U.S., combining vertical integration, machine learning, and robotics to provide customers with affordable, friendly and fast delivery of fresh food. Powered by Ocado Group, the CFC is located in Monroe, Ohio, a city north of Cincinnati. 

RetailRobotSurvey400x275A new survey of the retail industry indicates that robotic technology adoption will occur faster than expected because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with widespread adoption now expected in just a few years. The survey, sponsored by RetailWire and Brain Corp., was conducted last month among 136 respondents in the retail industry, including wholesalers, retail consultants, and tech solution providers.

AutoStoreMFC concept400x275Norwegian robotics technology company AutoStore has announced a partnership with Asian-American specialty grocery chain H Mart, in collaboration with Bastian Solutions, to introduce a fully automated micro-fulfillment center (MFC) to support H Mart’s online grocery operations in Carlstadt, N.J.

Joyce400x275Immervision has announced a new partner for JOYCE, a humanoid robot that aims to unite the computer vision community. Hanson Robotics, creator of the humanoid robot Sophia, will work with JOYCE to “further evolve machine perception to help deliver human-like vision and beyond,” the companies said.

Serve Postmates400x275Following Uber’s acquisition of Postmates, the robotics division of Postmates has been spun out to create an independent company, called Serve Robotics. The new company said it has closed its first round of funding, led by venture capital firm Neo, with participation by Uber and other investors. The spinout will continue to develop its autonomous robots to deliver goods in urban environments to provide contactless delivery options. Terms of the funding were not released.

Brain Tennant T380 400x275San Diego-based Brain Corp, which develops artificial intelligence software for robots, has announced record growth in 2020 as global retailers ramped up adoption of robotic floor scrubbers and other autonomous solutions because of the global pandemic.

Pudu CatRobot400x275China-based Pudu Robotics has deployed its BellaBot to Sushi Island, a restaurant in Canada, to assist the restaurant’s waiting staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. The robot autonomously delivers food items to tables, helping to reduce human contact between diners and restaurant staff.

Badger UVDisinfect400x275Badger Technologies has announced its Badger UV Disinfect robot, an autonomous ultraviolet disinfecting robot designed to combat COVID-19 and high-risk pathogens commonly found in grocery, food-service and retail environments. The robot is equipped with advanced UV-C technology developed by UltraViolet Devices (UVDI), a provider of air and surface disinfection solutions.

walmart automationFollowing a successful pilot program in New Hampshire, Walmart has announced it will scale up the creation of local fulfillment centers (LFC) at its stores with technology partners in the robotics and automation space, including Alert Innovation, Dematic and Fabric.


Kindred SORT robot400x275SDI announced a partnership with Kindred to integrate its materials handling systems and technology with Kindred’s artificial intelligence AI pick and place robotic solutions, the company said in a statement. The partnership aims to help customers meet increasing retail fulfillment demands throughout the entire year, including peak seasons.

nuro product r2 400x275Nuro, which is developing autonomous vehicles for delivery services on public roads, announced today it received a permit to deploy its vehicles on public streets from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The company said the permit will allow Nuro vehicles to operate commercially on California roads in two counties near its headquarters in the Bay Area.

LS6 in patient room 2 400x275Xenex Disinfection Services today announced the availability of its LightStrike6, the newest version of its “Germ-Zapping Robots” that provides quick, effective disinfection against SARS-COV-2, the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

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