TokinomoRobot400x275Tokinomo, a startup focusing on interactive in-store brand activation systems, has announced it raised $1.7 million to expand its product line and fuel global expansion. The company is building solutions for consumer goods companies and retailers that engage, advertise and capture data at the point of sale. Its main product is a robotic point-of-sale (POS) display system that promotes products in grocery stores that “results in brand awareness, brand recall, and sales lift.”


Coco Robots400x275Coco, a Los Angeles-based remotely piloted delivery service, has announced service for customers in Austin, Texas. The company said it also plans to expand to Dallas, Houston, and Miami in the next few months, supported by its recent Series A funding round of $56 million.


LocusPicks400x275Locus Robotics, which develops autonomous mobile robots for fulfillment warehouses, has announced that its robots picked a record-breaking 120 million units globally on behalf of its retail and third-party logistics (3PL) partners. The company said this represents a 71% increase over the number picked during the 2020 holiday season. On average, the company’s LocusBots picked more than 2.1 million units daily amidst supply chain delays, labor shortages, and possible product outages.


BrainSams400x275Sam’s Club, the membership warehouse club division of Walmart, has announced a national, chain-wide rollout of an inventory scanning feature to its existing fleet of robotic scrubbers. The deployment is in partnership with Brain Corp and Tennant Company, which recently launched its Inventory Scan attachment option.


SkyDropLogo400x275Flirtey has announced that it rebranded its last-mile drone delivery business to SkyDrop. The company will continue to offer OEM services of drone delivery systems for operators of last-mile delivery, as well as for existing drone companies around the world.


ServeMilestone400x275As companies continue to grow, innovate and deploy their robotics and autonomous technologies, certain milestones are met. This week, two companies made announcements regarding achieving new goals – sidewalk delivery firm Serve Robotics said it was the first autonomous vehicle company to complete commercial deliveries at Level 4 autonomy; and WeRide announced it reached 10 million kilometers (6.2 million+ miles) of autonomous driving on public roads, with 2.5 million km in fully driverless mode.


HDSGlobal RoboFS 400x275Home Delivery Service (HDS Global), a personalized e-commerce delivery service powered by the RoboFS touchless robotic fulfillment system, has announced the debut of a fully automated robotic fulfillment system at its Technology Center. The center is now open to demonstrate the solution HDS Global built from the ground up to solve problems in existing e-commerce systems. 


Brain airport400x275Brain Corp, which develops artificial intelligence software for robotics, has announced the launch of BrainOS Mobile, a mobile application that connects operators and managers directly with their BrainOS-powered robot fleets. The company said the app provides real-time visibility on machine locations, status and performance.


LG CLOi 400x275LG Business Solutions USA has announced that its LG CLOi ServeBot, a mobile commercial service robot, will come to the U.S. market in early 2022. The ServeBot (model LDLIM21) has earned UL 3300 certification for safe operation in complex commercial environments, including restaurants, retail stores and hotels.


Nuro3rdGen400x275Nuro, which develops autonomous zero-occupant delivery vehicles, has announced the third generation of its vehicle. The new flagship model, called Nuro, is part of the company’s plans to scale its autonomous delivery services to millions of consumers across the U.S.


BrainTennantInventory400x275Brain Corp and Tennant Company have announced the launch of Inventory Scan, a new data capture accessory that can be fitted onto its autonomous floor scrubbers to autonomously scan and report key details of in-store inventory. The companies said they will demonstrate the technology at the NRF 2022 show in New York, January 16-18.


GoodyearStarship400x275The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has announced it developed and is testing a custom-engineered non-pneumatic (airless) tire (NPT) to support delivery robots for Starship Technologies. The two companies are currently conducting in-field testing at Bowling Green State University in Ohio to evaluate vehicle and tire dependencies.


PowercastBadger400x275Powercast, which develops radio frequency (RF) wireless power technologies, has announced it will showcase an array of new batteryless products at CES 2022 that feature its RF long-range over-the-air wireless power technology. One of these applications includes an all-in-one robotic price-changing system for retailers.


DRONEDEK 400x275DRONEDEK, which has patented a smart mailbox designed for secure drone delivery, has announced it will demonstrate its device at next week’s CES 2022 event in Las Vegas. The mailbox helps complete the “last inch” of a last-mile package delivery process with smart, secured receptacle technology.


BurgerFi 400x275BurgerFi, a premium fast-casual restaurant chain, has announced it is testing and expanding five new technologies and creative strategies to stay ahead of evolving consumer preferences and to combat restaurant labor shortages. One of these tests is Patty the Robot, a food delivery robot that brings food to customers at the company’s Jupiter, Fla. location.


Ottobots CVG 400x275Ottonomy has announced that its Ottobots, a fleet of autonomous delivery robots for food and retail, are now available at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). Officially launched for the holiday travel season, passengers can order contactless delivery to their location in Concourse B of the airport, delivered by a robot. Customers can choose grab-and-go, beverage and travel items sold at select retail stores operated by Paradies Lagardere via a mobile app (