June 7, 2022

LG CLOI Guide400x275LG Business Solutions USA has announced a multi-purpose customer service robot, the LG CLOi GuideBot, designed to provide wayfinding, enhanced security, advertising opportunities and data on interaction times and usage. The robot includes a friendly digital face, responsive voice activation and two large touch-screens designed to improve customer experiences in places such as museums, convention centers, movie theaters, and hotels.

“The GuideBot is the latest addition to the LG CLOi family of autonomous service robots, and it’s the first to tackle complex user interactions like answering voice questions, accompanying guests to their destination and tracking how many times a motion-activated advertisement is displayed in a day,” said Jeffrey Weiland, B2B robotics team leader at LG Business Solutions USA. “This robot can greet, inform and entertain customers in a variety of settings and situations, from museum exhibits and movie theaters to corporate offices and hospitals, all while gathering valuable data on usage that can be used to streamline operations and improve customer experiences.”

The GuideBot stands just under five feet tall, and greets everyone with “a friendly smile” on a unique 9.2-inch LG LCD “face” display. The system includes a microphone, 3D camera and 18 sensors to let the robot navigate busy spaces and react to approaching users with visual and auditory effects. Dual 27-inch LCD touch-screens, located on the front and back of the robot’s main body, can display interactive and static digital content such as maps, menus, and videos.

“By reducing the human workload and automating some repetitive tasks such as giving visitors simple directions, our new robot can free employees to handle more demanding tasks and provide more attentive service,” said Weiland. “We can now envision museum tours being led by a friendly, responsive robot with access to vast catalogs of information and multimedia supplements to enhance exhibits and encourage deeper engagement and retention. And at shopping malls, the GuideBot can provide basic security functions as well as wayfinding by escorting customers to stores.”

LG said the flexibility of the system provides advantages for facility operators looking to create new revenue streams or enhance services. For example, the advertisement feature can be used virtually anywhere the general public is present, so hotels can host ads for nearby attractions, or a movie theater can advertise its food and beverage offerings to people waiting in the ticket line. 

The GuideBot complement’s the company’s LG CLOi ServeBot, an autonomous indoor delivery robot that can carry and deliver food, goods and supplies. More details on the systems are available here.

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