July 2, 2021

KNAPP Kroger400x275The Kroger Co. has announced an agreement with KNAPP, which develops intelligent automation and specialized software, to deploy, expand, and enhance the capabilities and capacities at Kroger’s existing Great Lakes Distribution Center in Delaware, Ohio. The facility is currently being renovated to add modern technology, with completion expected this summer.

Opened in 2003, the distribution center currently services 115 stores in central and northwest Ohio, as well as southeast Michigan and the Ohio River Valley region. The renovation will expand the facility by 130,000 square feet. The site will use a unique combination of KNAPP OSR (order, storage, and retrieval) shuttles that deliver grocery cases in an exact sequence to RUNPICK robotic palletizers, delivering next-generation efficiency and performance increases for Kroger’s supply chain network.

“Kroger’s investment in KNAPP’s latest technology allows the Great Lakes Distribution Center to improve efficiency in replenishing our stores, enabling us to quickly deliver fresh food to our customers,” said Tony Lucchino, vice president of supply chain and network strategy at Kroger. “The expansion of the facility is part of the ongoing transformation of our supply chain network, and this project will more than double our capacity while delivering innovation and scalability that can grow with demand.”

“The technology investment in the Great Lakes Distribution Center has been designed to add a new level of flexibility to the Kroger supply chain network,” said KNAPP CEO Josef Mentzer, “and deliver a resilient approach to investments in automation.”

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Modular Automation Enables Flexible Production Line Layout


Modular automation is the next phase of factory automation where the same production line is separated into modules and can be quickly reconfigured to adapt to different needs. Modular automation compatible products by Oriental Motor include the compact and lightweight DC-powered products, such as the AZ Series mini driver and the BLV Series R Type.


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