UVDRobot Supermarket400x275Denmark’s UVD Robots has announced a global partnership agreement with OCC Commercial Consulting to help bring its UV-C disinfection robots to supermarkets, food service and retail environments. The company also announced receiving a second order of 100 robots from the European Commission, following a 200-robot order in November 2020.


China’s Pudu Robotics has announcedPuduRoboticsLineup400x275 completing its C2 series financing round worth approximately $77 million, which was secured within only four months of its Series C1 series of $78 million. The C2 round funds will be used for further research and development, new product development, new site launches, and expansion of its global network.


PuduKettyBot400x275Pudu Robotics, which manufactures commercial service robots, has announced the global availability of KettyBot, the latest generation of its delivery and reception robot. The low-cost and high-efficiency system is equipped with a top-tier advertising display and artificial intelligence systems for delivering items to customers, such as high-traffic restaurants.


AxleHire Tortoise400x275AxleHire, a last-mile delivery logistics company, has announced they would be expanding two new zero-emission pilot programs with Tortoise and URB-E. The pilots are set for Los Angeles (Tortoise) and New York City (URB-E), and will be scaled nationally in 2021 and 2022 in other cities where the companies currently have operations.


SchnucksSimbe400x275Schunck Markets has announced a chainwide expansion with Simbe Robotics and its Tally inventory robot to elevate the grocer’s business operation and customer experience. Building on previous expansions, the multi-year, full-scale rollout will bring Tally robots to all 111 Schnucks locations across the U.S.


RDSX DualPayload400x275A2Z Drone Delivery, which develops tethered freefall drone delivery mechanisms, has announced the launch of its RDSX commercial delivery unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Developed with a leading global logistics provider, the system aims to deliver dual payloads per flight, helping drone service providers streamline deliveries while reducing consumer concerns around residential drone delivery.


QuickCollect400x275Bell and Howell, which provides automated e-commerce pickup solutions, has unveiled the QuickCollect GO! POD, a new robotic e-commerce order pickup solution that eliminates labor-intensive order touchpoints through next-generation automation and intelligent software.


Piestro 800Degrees400x275Piestro, a robotic pizzeria developing high-quality artisan pizza, has announced partnering with 800 Degrees Pizza, an international pizza brand by world-renowned chef Anthony Carron. The partnership will offer customers a fully automated culinary experience, equipped with an authentic, custom pizza recipe designed for Piestro’s cooking technology.


YandexOhio400x275Grubhub and the Yandex Self-Driving Group have announced it will roll out delivery via Yandex’s robots on the campus of Ohio State University (OSU). The rollout will include 50 Yandex robots to serve more than 60,000 students in food delivery from on-campus dining locations via the Grubhub app.


PicnicPizza400x275Picnic, which designs food automation technology, has announced that it is accepting pre-orders from U.S. customers for its Picnic Pizza System, a modular and configurable pizza assembly system. The company also announced successful pilots and deployments with customers in the hospitality, entertainment, theme park, and restaurant industries, as well as a cost-effective robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) pricing structure.


FedEx BG PackageSort400x275The FedEx Ground subsidiary of FedEx Corp. has announced the implementation of Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Product Sortation and Identification (RPSi) systems at a Queens, N.Y., location. The RPSi systems will robotically sort thousands of small packages that arrive daily in bulk into containers bound for other specific hubs and stations across the FedEx Ground network. FedEx Ground plans to install additional Berkshire Grey RPSi systems at sortation facilities in Las Vegas, and Columbus, Ohio, in coming months.


BellTinyMile400x275Bell Canada has announced a collaboration with Tiny Mile to provide 5G connectivity for the growing fleet of food delivery robots in downtown Toronto.


TortoiseUrbanValue400x275Vroom Delivery has announced partnering with last-mile delivery robot operator Tortoise to bring on-demand delivery of thousands of products to customers’ doors in coming months. Products include grocery staples such as milk and eggs, beverages, ice cream, snacks and more, with a promised delivery time of under one hour. Alcohol and tobacco items will be delivered via human drivers, the companies said.


RanpakAutoFill400x275Ranpak Holdings Corp., which develops environmentally sustainable paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, has announced the North American launch of its AutoFill solution.


Fabric Instacart400x275Instacart, a leading online grocery platform in North America, has announced the first phase of its next-generation fulfillment initiative, designed to bring automated technology solutions to retailers in the U.S. and Canada. As part of this initiative, the company has signed a multi-year strategic deal with Fabric as a fulfillment automation partner to pair Fabric software and robotics with Instacart technology.


Symbotic Walmart400x275Walmart and Symbotic have announced plans to expand implementation of Symbotic’s robotics and automation platform to outfit an additional 25 regional distribution centers (RDCs). The system helps Walmart create custom store- and aisle-ready pallets for unloading trucks at a Walmart store.