November 9, 2022

Rae Platform400x275Luxonis, a Colorado-based robotic vision platform, has announced Rae, a fully-formed and high-powered personal robot. The Rae system offers multiple features out of the box, along with experimental programming potential that exceeds other consumer robots on the market, with a goal of making robotics accessible and simple for users of any experience level.

“Rae is representative of our foremost goal at Luxonis: to make robotics accessible and simple for anyone, not just the tenured engineer with years of programming experience,” said Brandon Gilles, CEO of Luxonis. “A longstanding truth about robotics is that the barrier to entry sometimes feels impossibly high, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By creating Rae, we want to help demonstrate the kinds of positive impacts robotics can bring to all people’s lives, whether it’s as simple as helping you find your keys, talking with your friend who uses American Sign Language, or playing with your kids.”

The full suite of standard applications include games like follow me and hide and seek, and tools such as barcode/QR code scanning, license plate reading, fall detection, time-lapse recording, emotion recognition, object finding, sign language interpretation, and a security alert mode. The applications are controllable through a mobile app, which users can operate from anywhere around the world. The app also links with Luxonis’ cloud platform, RobotHub, to manage customizations, download and install user-created applications, and collaborate with the Luxonis user community.

Features enabling the applications include artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning, installed on the device. The Rae’s OAK cameras offer stereo depth, object tracking motion estimation, nine-axis IMU data, neural inference, corner detection, motion zooming, and is compatible with the DepthAI application programming interface (API). The system includes next-generation simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to map out and navigate through unknown environments, and is preconfigured with ROS 2 for access to that collection of software and applications.

Pricing for Rae starts at $299, with international shipping options available. For more details about the Kickstarter campaign for the platform, visit this website.