September 1, 2022

LevanCenter400x275The Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation and educational robotics company RobotLAB have partnered up to build a new artificial intelligence and robotics lab. The Robotics & AI Lab by RobotLAB is a turnkey, state-of-the-art modular learning space designed to enable users’ rotation between AI stations.

Located in a 54,000-square-foot purpose-built facility in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation is a public-private partnership between Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and Broward County. The center focuses on three themes (innovation, technology and entrepreneurship) and four pillars known as the Founder’s Journey (Ideate, Incubate, Accelerate, Post-Accelerate).

At the new AI Lab, each configuration includes robots and teaching resources to provide learners with practical, hands-on activities, exposing them to multiple disciplines and scenarios in which AI supports and enhances the quality of everyday life. John  Wensveem, Ph.D., chief innovation officer and executive director of the center, said the lab will give entrepreneurs real experience of AI in different aspects as they build next-generation resources and startups.

“As a software engineer and the founder of a Tech Academy, coming to the makerspace to work with the robots Pepper and NAO helps me come up with different ways to teach kids and those young at heart how to program using Python and Java,” added Tangy Frederick, founder of Cre8tive Devs software. “Using the AgileX Rovers allows me to work with mechanical engineers to help us understand how to improve our software for different use cases to make experiences easier for users.”


The new AI Lab will include several stations for robotics and AI research, such as:

  • Autonomous agent: The embodiment of the Autonomous Agent concept is in the soccer game, and the RoboCup global competition.
  • Smart warehouse: A swarm of robots working collaboratively on order fulfillment, navigating in an unstructured space.
  • Tele-operation: Accurate translation of human motion, while mitigating errors.
  • Human-Robot interaction: Designed to create life-like simulations that surface these biases and help develop solutions that overcome gaps when interacting with technology.
  • Smart farming: By using computer vision algorithms, robotic arms, drones, Internet of Things (IoT) and smart irrigation, farmers can produce higher yields in a smaller space, using fewer resources, and at a higher quality.
  • Industry 4.0: Educators can prepare students to face upcoming industries and be proactive with those changes.
  • Smart patrolling: Cutting-edge robots that allow students to study Rapid Secondary Development, programming, lidar, navigation of unstructured environments, and data collection.
  • Smart transportation: Uses smart and programmable cars and drones, safe for in-class use, and loaded with sensors that let students develop an understanding of autonomous transportation.
  • Pepper Robot: The intelligent and autonomous robot that can greet visitors and present them the lab and program offered.

“We are excited to partner with Levan Center,” said Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotLAB. “This partnership allows the AI Lab to be used for entrepreneurs that want to succeed in the jobs of the future and see an opportunity of growth, the AI Lab is the best way to learn different stations for different minds with different activities.”

For more information on the new center, visit the Levan Center website here.

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