IBM 2nm chip 400x275IBM has unveiled a breakthrough in semiconductor design and process with the development of the world's first chip with 2 nanometer (nm) nanosheet technology. Semiconductors play critical roles in everything from computing, to appliances, to communication devices, transportation systems, and critical infrastructure.


AI2THOR 400x275The Allen Institute for AI (AI2), which conducts research and engineering in the field of artificial intelligence, has announced the 3.0 release of its embodied AI framework, known as AI2-THOR. The new version adds active object manipulation to its testing framework to allow robotics developers to train robots in a virtual environment instead of real-world training methods.


iRobotRootCoding400x275iRobot has released new coding resources through its iRobot Education platform to promote more inclusive, equitable access to STEM education and support social-emotional development. The company also has added Python coding support and a new 3D Root coding robot simulator environment aimed at hybrid and remote learning landscapes.

MIT RF Grasp400x275In recent years, robots have gained artificial vision, touch, and even smell. “Researchers have been giving robots human-like perception,” says MIT Associate Professor Fadel Adib. In a new paper, Adib’s team is pushing the technology a step further. “We’re trying to give robots superhuman perception,” he says.

StrategicElementsBattery400x275Australia’s Strategic Elements Ltd. has announced it has demonstrated the ability for its self-charging Battery Ink cells to be scaled down in size, in order to provide a prototype battery pack that could produce a 14-volt output solely by harvesting moisture from the air.

QTrobot 400x275 childLuxAI has announced the launch of its QTrobot for Home, a social robot playmate that helps children with autism to learn and practice new social, emotional, and cognitive skills. After several years of offering QTrobot to schools and research institutes, LuxAI said it can support parents by offering the robot to families.


Joyce400x275Immervision has announced a new partner for JOYCE, a humanoid robot that aims to unite the computer vision community. Hanson Robotics, creator of the humanoid robot Sophia, will work with JOYCE to “further evolve machine perception to help deliver human-like vision and beyond,” the companies said.

MIT SensorPlacement400x275MIT researchers have developed an algorithm to help engineers design soft robots that collect more useful information about their surroundings. The deep-learning algorithm suggests an optimized placement of sensors within the robot’s body, allowing it to better interact with its environment and complete assigned tasks.

Terradepth400x275Terradepth, which is developing maritime data collection through unmanned underwater vehicles, has announced the successful completion of its Phase 1 trials. In a test executed at Lake Travis in Travis County, Texas, the company’s unmanned submersible was able to collect underwater data, process it, understand the features of import, and automatically retask itself without human intervention.

SpotTrimblePiaggio400x275Piaggio Fast Forward, which develops smart following technology, has collaborated with Trimble to provide a proof-of-concept demonstration that would enable robots and machines to follow humans and other machines in industrial applications.

Aerobotix ARM 400x275The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute has announced a collaboration with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) on four new technology projects, selected from the institute’s new Directed Project Call process. The AFRL will invest $2.3 million in these projects over the next 18 months.

DrugDiscoveryML MIT400x275Drugs can only work if they stick to their target proteins in the body. Assessing that stickiness is a key hurdle in the drug discovery and screening process. New research combining chemistry and machine learning could lower that hurdle. The new technique, dubbed DeepBAR, quickly calculates the binding affinities between drug candidates and their targets. The approach yields precise calculations in a fraction of the time compared to previous state-of-the-art methods.


ReliableRoboticsFlightRemotePilot400x275Reliable Robotics, which is developing autonomous flight technology, announced it completed a series of remotely operated test flights directed by a pilot stationed in its Mountain View headquarters more than 50 miles away. The remote pilot instructed an upgraded Cessna 208 Caravan to taxi, takeoff, maneuver over a populated region and land, while communicating with nearby air traffic through the aircraft’s onboard radios. For the flight, a safety pilot was inside the aircraft for the test.

UnitySimulation400x275Unity, which develops a platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, has released its Object Pose Estimation demonstration, which combines computer vision and simulation technologies aimed at the use of robotics in industrial settings. The new demonstration follows recent releases aimed to support the Robot Operating System (ROS) framework, allowing roboticists to safely, quickly and cost-effectively explore, test, and develop robotic solutions.


Robotnik RB CAR 400x275Barcelona-based Robotnik has provided some additional details on updates to its RB-CAR, an all-terrain autonomous vehicle it has developed. The vehicle has been designed to carry heavy loads and people, with autonomous and collaborative features to help make tasks in transporting heavy loads more safe.

Hyundai TIGER concept400x275Hyundai Motor Group has revealed its uncrewed ultimate mobility vehicle (UMV), which it has dubbed TIGER (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot). This is the company’s second UMV and the first designed to be uncrewed. The robot aims to carry various types of payloads while traveling over challenging terrain, either as a four-wheel drive vehicle or a four-legged walking machine.