Valqari UAM winner400x275Five winners in the urban air mobility space will share a total of $50,000 in cash prizes as part of the 2022 Urban Air Mobility Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Advanced Technology International (ATI), TechConnect and The Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC). The winners were announced at the Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit & Expo in Washington, D.c.


HaptXGloves 400x275HaptX, which develops realistic haptic technology, has announced raising $23 million in strategic funding, led by AIS Global and Crescent Cove Advisors. The new funding brings HaptX’s total funding to more than $58 million.



Pexels SurveyNoSelfDrive400x275A new survey from insurance technology company Policygenius found widespread apprehension about self-driving cars, despite an increase in the use of the technology.


AddverbRDCenter400x275Addverb Technologies, which develops automation solutions for warehouses and distribution centers, has announced the opening of a new Center of Excellence for Advanced Robotics Research and Development in Fremont, Calif. The center will focus on developing state-of-the-art platforms for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), as well as advanced algorithms for human-machine collaboration and biomedical robotics.


LevanCenter400x275The Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation and educational robotics company RobotLAB have partnered up to build a new artificial intelligence and robotics lab. The Robotics & AI Lab by RobotLAB is a turnkey, state-of-the-art modular learning space designed to enable users’ rotation between AI stations.


MolliaGaming400x275Robotics-World spoke with Daniel Vincz, CEO of Hungary-based Mollia, about their plan to improve humanoid robot kinematics through crowdsourced gamification, with the goal of producing robots that move more like humans.


FAA DroneEmergency400x275The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has awarded $2.7 million to support research on how drones can assist in disaster preparedness and in emergency situations.


BDInstitute400x275Hyundai Motor Group and Boston Dynamics have launched the Boston Dynamics AI Institute, with the goal of making fundamental advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and intelligent machines. The two groups have made an initial investment of more than $400 million in the new institute, which will be led by Marc Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics.


UAMChallenge400x275The Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC), in partnership with TechConnect and Advanced Technology International (ATI), has announced 19 finalists for its Urban Air Mobility Challenge. The finalists will receive membership to the VLC and the chance to win $50,000 in non-dilutive funds through a pitch competition to be held on Sept. 28 at the Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.


AquilineDrones CT 400x275Aquiline Drones, which develops drones and associated technologies, has announced a multi-year agreement to offer its entire online drone pilot certification curriculum through the 17 institutions in the Connecticut State College and University system (CSCU).


CMU WHIRL 400x275Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new learning methods for robots that lets them learn directly from human-interaction videos and generalize that information to new tasks. The researchers are hoping this will make robots well-suited to learn household chores.


ToposensEchoOne 400x275Munich, Germany-based Toposens has announced the market launch of its Toposens 3D Collision Avoidance System for mobile robots, based on its 3D ultrasonic echolocation technology. Based on the principle of echolocation as seen in bats, the Echo One compensates for the drawbacks of optical sensors through the use of sound-based triangulation combined with sophisticated noise-filtering software.


RIT Forklift RightOfWay400x275Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology are developing an intelligent materials handling system for warehouses that integrate smart technologies, including lidar sensors and artificial intelligence. An example of the research includes industrial robots that will be smart enough to know which one has the right of way in a busy aisle.


VeoHuman Robot400x275In a survey of manufacturers sponsored by Veo Robotics, 57% of global manufacturers said they believe that robots are not replacing human workers in their facilities, but rather are working alongside humans to supplement their work.


ComauSeabery400x275Industrial automation provider Comau has announced a partnership with Seabery, which develops augmented reality software for industrial and educational usage. The two companies have unveiled a robotic welding training system that combines Seabery’s AR Soldamatic simulated welding training with Comau’s e.DO educational robot.


ABI Last MileForecast Nuro400x275Global technology intelligence firm ABI Research has announced new research forecasting that worldwide robotic last-mile delivery revenues will grow from $70 million this year to about $670 million in 2030. The value of parcels delivered by autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) could reach $3.3 billion by 2030, the firm added.


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