October 27, 2022

MujinQuickBot AMR 400x275Mujin has officially launched its latest offering, QuickBot, a quick-deployment robot cell for case handling and depalletizing in warehouses. The depalletizing solution aims to automate one of the most arduous tasks within the receiving processes in the warehouse, and Mujin said QuickBot is designed with everything needed to solve this application.

Mujin said the QuickBot depalletizer, also called QB, is easy to install, doesn’t require any tools, and can be picking cases within a few hours. The company said it built a QuickBot demonstration at the recent 2022 AMR & Logistics Show in Boston, with the unit clearing pallets in less than three hours after QB was forklifted into place at the booth.

Like Mujin’s other automation systems, QuickBot is powered by the company’s intelligent robot controller, MujinController. Using the MujinController’s advanced perception and real-time motion planning, the depalletizing solutions are capable of on-the-fly case recognition, which lets QuickBot to manage real-world scenarios for both single and mixed-SKU pallet loads without any prior “teaching” or receiving information from external systems. Mujin said it has equipped the QuickBot arm with a universal, heavy payload gripper to meet physical requirements of general warehouse tasks.

“In today’s day and age, a lot is demanded of robot automation systems,” said Ross Diankov, CEO and founder of Mujin. “They need to be highly reliable, have high throughput, and – of foremost importance – they need to deploy quickly so that businesses can enjoy the return on investment from day one. You will see a lot more of these systems in warehouses, working better, faster, and improving working conditions.”

At the AMR & Logistics show, Mujin and integration partner Robex paired the warehouse QB with a Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) autonomous mobile robot (AMR), which managed the pallet handling for the depalletizing workstation. The company also announced a partnership with Formic that will make QuickBot available through a robots-as-a-service model, which means businesses can bypass a typical capital expense and have QuickBot in a warehouse for around $20 per hour, and only pay while it is running.

More details about QuickBot are available at the Mujin website.

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