October 18, 2022

OSAROSealedAir Autobag400x275OSARO, which develops AI-powered robotics for e-commerce operations, has teamed with Sealed Air (SEE) to demonstrate a robotic bagging system for high-volume e-commerce and fulfillment tasks. Demonstrations will be helped at next week’s PACK Expo in Chicago.

The OSARO Robotic Bagging System pairs robots powered by the company’s advanced vision software with SEE’s AUTOBAG high-speed bagging system. The autonomous piece-picking robots are integrated with existing logistics facilities to fulfill orders quickly, and the bagging system is available as a drop-in upgrade to either existing or new fulfillment operations. At the SEE booth at PACK Expo, the two companies will demonstrate the picking and bagging of apparel, which represents a large proportion of polybag packaging demand in e-commerce.

“This pairing streamlines the deployment of robotic auto-bagging applications for customers, providing an end-to-end solution for a high-demand need against the backdrop of persistent labor shortages,” said Derik Pridmore, CEO of OSARO. “We look forward to putting our piece-picking robot to work with equipment from a trusted and experienced supplier like SEE.”

“SEE is transforming to a world-class, digitally driven company automating sustainable packaging solutions, said Tobias Grasso, president of the Americas at SEE. “This partnership with OSARO is an example of how automation is helping customers not only meet demand and increase operational efficiency, but accelerate innovation and transformation within their industries.”

OSARO said its robotic systems offer unmatched object recognition and manipulation capabilities, which augment bagging productivity to produce robust and efficient automation in several logistics applications. With minimal human oversight and the ability to operate 24x7, the Robotic Bagging System can pack and ship a wide range of SKUs, the company added. The system can be utilized by fulfillment centers, warehouses and direct-to-consumer e-commerce centers to help upgrade and streamline their order fulfillment processes.

For more details on the system, visit the OSARO website here.

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