August 2, 2022

HyTek Tompkins400x275AHS, a division of Hy-Tek Material Handling Company and a full-service provider of integrated fulfillment and distribution systems, has announced a partnership with Tompkins Robotics, which develops robotic automation and sortation solutions. The partnership aims to expand the automated material handling capabilities of AHS and the entire Hy-Tek organization.

By integrating the modular and scalable tSort Sortation system to Hy-Tek’s suite of services, the partnership aims to streamline processes, improve employee productivity, and maximize the return on investment for those in the supply chain space.

“We are excited to start our partnership with Tompkins Robotics, a proven scalable and flexible robotic sortation solution,” said Zac Boehm, vice president of innovation and technology at AHS. “By formalizing our partnership, it allows Hy-Tek to add to its existing solutions by not only enhancing our G2P [goods-to-person] technologies, but allowing us to solve inbound, outbound, and product sortation with a scalable robotic solution.”

“This partnership with Tompkins Robotics offers a simple, low-cost approach to sortation that can be quickly integrated into our customer’s distribution and order fulfillment processes to drive efficiency and increase throughput,” added Collette Henn, senior manager of research & development and software deployment at AHS.

Tompkins said its systems can be deployed in every node of the supply chain, such as small operations in the backroom of a grocery store, supercenter, or mall anchor store, to large fulfillment centers that process millions of units per day. The systems aim to maximize performance, making customers more agile, adaptable, profitable, and successful.

“AHS is a leader in innovative solutions,” said Thompson Brockmann, vice president of operations at Tompkins Robotics. “This partnership gives AHS and the entire Hy-Tek organization the unique ability to leverage their wide range of automated and robotic material handling and fulfillment technologies for a truly integrated solution that delivers an industry-leading value proposition.”

For more details on Tompkins Robotics and its technologies, visit its website here. For more information on AHS and its offerings, visit its website here.

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