June 22, 2022

OSARO Zenni robot 400x275OSARO, which develops and deploys advanced robotics for e-commerce companies, has announced a partnership with Zenni, an online eyewear retailer. The partnership will help Zenni automate the “last meter” of Zenni’s fulfillment center in Novato, Calif., with three OSARO Robotic Bagging Systems readying eyewear orders for shipment to U.S. customers.

OSARO said this is the first time a robot will be assigned the responsibility of working with an automated mechanical baggins system to ensure that a customer’s unique order is placed into the correct bag for shipment. The company partnered with Pregis, which makes automated bagging equipment, to meet the needs of Zenni. The OSARO vision and grasping technologies enables the robot to perform the piece-picking task, which is important to Zenni since each eyeglass order is associated with a customer’s prescription.

“The stakes are high here: special-order, high-value items that must be bagged and labeled correctly to ensure they are sent to the right customer,” said Derik Pridmore, CEO of OSARO.  “Our extensive experience in other e-commerce production environments, coupled with our machine-learning capabilities, enables our robotic bagging system to meet customer production targets and to deploy workers onto more important tasks.”

OSARO Zenni 800px

Accuracy in picking is critical for Zenni, which ships custom prescription eyewear to customers.

The project aims to optimize the use of a pick-and-place robot to perform a complex task that demands visual acuity, precision, and dexterity, OSARO said. Zenni said it has a team of workers capable of handling 10 orders per minute, and accuracy is key to making sure that the right order gets to the right customer. Deploying robots to handle e-commerce processing also mitigates labor turnover and staff shortages, which are challenges in the rapidly growing e-commerce fulfillment sector.

“We are focused on quality and innovation,” said Simon Goh, director of distribution and facilities at Zenni. The company has delivered more than 45 million pairs of eyeglasses sold over the last 19 years. “With a mountain of online orders and a persistent shortage of labor, we looked to OSARO to take us to the leading edge of technology to be sure our customers receive fast and accurate processing,” Goh added.

For more details about OSARO and its picking technologies, visit its website here.