May 30, 2022

AMP Europe400x275AMP Robotics, which develops artificial intelligence, robotics and infrastructure for the waste and recycling industry, has announced an expansion of its presence in Europe to meet demand and provide dedicated local support and services.

The company installed its first AI-guided robotics systems in the U.K. and Ireland with Recyco in September 2021, and has since deployed more recycling solutions throughout Europe, including with FCC Medio Ambiente/Environment in Spain. The company said it has also grown its team to include sales support, training, service and marketing, along with direct sales staff to focus on Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

“AMP is the leading brand in robotics, and that was an important factor for us in choosing a solution to improve our sorting productivity and efficiency,” said Alfredo Vigre, product manager of the waste treatment department at FCC Medio Ambiente/Environment. “We tested the robot prior to implementation and were pleased with its ability to recognize and recover materials that optical sorters cannot. It’s been fast and effective, and a great tool for quality control.”

AMP said its portfolio of recycling solutions is powered by a neural network built on a data engine that can recognize more than 50 billion containers and packaging types in real-world conditions. The company’s AMP Cortex is the high-speed robotic sorting system, with approximately 230 deployments in more than 80 facilities on three continents. The company’s AMP Vision is a modular computer vision system that helps operators understand material flow throughout key stages of sorting operations and services as a quick and efficient alternative to manual sampling audits. The company also introduced new features to its AMP Clarity software, which monitors material and performance measurement; new features include mass estimation, robot pick assignments, alerts, and status tracking, along with expanded reporting capabilities.

“We’re seeing strong interest and satisfaction with our AI and robotics technology here in Europe thanks to our technological leadership,” said Gary Ashburner, general manager for Europe at AMP Robotics. “Our AI platform, AMP Neuron, continues to achieve breakthroughs in data accuracy and classification of different polymers, form factors, and other packaging types, which is helping our customers take a more data-driven approach to increasing recovery, lowering costs, and optimizing operations.”

For more details on AMP Robotics and its technologies, visit its website here.