January 13, 2022

AutoStore R5 plus400x275Norway-based AutoStore has announced the global availability of its R5+ Robot, which will enable warehouses to manage larger items within the AutoStore system. The R5+ can handle bins up to 425 mm, the tallest bins available from AutoStore. Until now, this size was a premium feature available only to AutoStore B1 Robot installations, the company said.

AutoStore said the new R5+ opens up several markets for the company, such as footwear, semiconductors, and other similar applications. The maximum grid height for AutoStore customers using the R5+ with 425 mm bins will be slightly higher than a grid using 330 mm bins, creating a grid composed of 14 layers of bins at about 6,044 mm tall (about 19 feet).

AutoStore develops goods-to-person automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), in which bins are stacked vertically in a grid and retrieved by robots that travel on the top layer of the system. This allows the grid to be placed around columns and on mezzanines and multiple levels in a warehouse or fulfillment center. AutoStore said the condensed grid-style system increases storage capacity up to four times in the same footprint, and performance up to 10 times without adding workers.

AutoStoreSystem400x275“Sometimes the simplest solutions make the biggest transformation,” said Carlos Fernandez, chief product officer at AutoStore. “We continue to innovate to help retailers improve the customer experience they offer. If there is one thing we’ve witnessed over the past two years, it is that the retail landscape, particularly in regard to e-commerce, has evolved to demand precision and speed. We’re committed to supporting our customers in becoming even more competitive in high throughput applications.”

Founded in 1996, AutoStore invented and continues to innovate its cube storage automation system for product inventory and storage. The company combines software and hardware with human abilities to help companies build the future of warehousing. More than 750 systems have been installed in more than 40 countries across a range of industries.

For more details about the company and its offerings, visit the AutoStore website here.