January 10, 2022

HAI Voyatzoglou400x275China’s Hai Robotics, which develops autonomous case-handling robot systems for warehouse logistics, has announced a strategic partnership with Greece’s Voyatzoglou Systems to offer smart warehousing solutions to the supply chain in Greece and the Balkan area of Eastern Europe.

The company said its HAIPICK ACR system is running on more than 300 projects in China and around the world. The system features flexible deployment for warehouses seeking to maximize their storage spaces. HAIPICK robots, built with multiple sensors capable of integrated positioning, boast control precision of +/- 3 mm to allow for intelligent picking, transport, automatic navigation, obstacle avoidance and automatic recharging. The robots can pick and place totes or cartons on storage shelves up to 10 meters high, and can carry up to eight loads to continuously feed goods-to-person picking stations. The latest invention of the company is a a forklift robot compatible with wider storage scenarios, such as tires and trays.

The partnership aims to complement each other by combining operational experience with a localized service network. “We’re impressed by the Voyatzoglou Systems’ local service ability in the Balkan region,” said Kane Luo, vice president of sales at Hai Robotics. “Our rich experience in automation solutions for a wide variety of sectors, from retail to 3PL and manufacturing plants, will be grafted onto local supply chains to improve efficiency and investment returns.” He added that the ACR series of robots have obtained the CE Mark to meet European quality and safety standards.

“The partnership with Hai Robotics allows us to extend our product portfolio by offering technologically state of the art and innovative solutions for material handling and goods to person,” said Annie Voyatzoglou, deputy CEO of Voyatzoglou Systems. “We believe that this collaboration will generate projects in automated warehouses, provide solid solutions to many of our customers seeking autonomous case-handling robotic systems and advance the market further.”

For more details on Hai Robotics and its technologies, visit its website here.