October 13, 2021

LocusPlusOne400x275Plus One Robotics, which develops vision software for robotic picking, and Locus Robotics, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for fulfillment warehouses, have announced a collaboration to develop an automatic picking solution. The system will combine mobile robots and stationary picking arms designed to boost productivity in e-commerce fulfillment centers.

The two companies created a multimodal system in order to further support operators across a range of warehouse tasks performed in e-commerce fulfillment, distribution centers, and parcel operations. With new SKUs entering the mix daily, robot arms equipped with Plus One’s 3D and AI software can continuously learn to recognize new package shapes and types. The robot arms can successfully load and unload goods onto Locus AMRs. Together, the robot systems are reliable, flexible, and offer unparalleled scalability, the companies said.

“When you bring cutting-edge mobility and fast 3D-guided picking arms together, the end result is a robust system for businesses looking to scale in line with continued e-commerce growth, said Brent Barcey, vice president of business development at Plus One Robotics. “Locus has a track record for leading innovation in the AMR space, and we are thrilled to bring these versatile technologies to shared customers.”

“Together, Plus One and Locus Robotics technologies are able to give warehouse operators a unique solution that delivers higher fulfillment volumes and lower operations costs to efficiently meet their exploding fulfillment volumes,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “This joint collaboration combines our unique technologies to deliver additional value and use cases to our collective customers.”

The two companies were demonstrating the two systems at the AMR and Logistics Conference in Memphis, Tenn.