July 19, 2021

HAI Booktopia400x275Shenzhen, China-based HAI Robotics, which develops carton-picking and deep autonomous case-handling systems, has announced its first deployment in Australia. With an integration and implementation done by BPS Global, HAI’s HAIPICK robots have been deployed at Booktopia’s 14,000-square-meter distribution center in Lidcombe, New South Wales.

HAI Robotics said the HAPICK solution differs from a standard autonomous mobile robot (AMR) deployment in that the robots utilize a telescopic fork that stretches 4 meters high, giving the robots the ability to carry cartons as well as individual totes, to bring multiple cases to pickers or conveyors in one movement. In Booktopia’s case, this enables them to facilitate the completion of multiple customer orders at one pick station, to improve fulfillment and dispatch rates for the retailer.

“By deploying this innovative robot solution, we have doubled our capacity and significantly improved our picking and put away rates,” said Tony Nash, CEO of Booktopia. “This gives us the confidence we need to continue to serve our customers.”

Malcolm Druce, managing partner at PBS Global, said the COVID-19 pandemic put immense pressure on eCommerce retailers, with volumes reaching record heights across the entire retail landscape. “We’re thrilled to work with Booktopia on the first-ever deployment of this innovative automation solution in Australia,” said Druce. “This investment ensures they are well-placed to meet rising demands and continue to service the nation with its favorite books.”

In addition, the HAIPICK solution makes it faster and easier for companies to increase capacity and storage, given the rising rental cost of warehouses, said Michael Rolfing, director of sales for Australia at HAI Robotics. “Through our partnership with BPS Global, the end customer gets access to both local advice, implementation, service, and support, as well as the latest in robot-based automation technology,” said Rolfing.

The company said it has been expanding rapidly outside China, establishing offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Fremont, Calif., while partnering locally to provide service and deliver automation faster. The company said its ACR series has obtained the CE Mark to meet European standards as well.

For more details, visit the company’s website here.