February 23, 2021

GeekPlusFleet400x275Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) provider Geek+ has announced an agreement with myEnso, a German-based online grocery, to upgrade the company’s distribution center for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) with Geek+’s goods-to-person robotics solution. The solution aims to enable regional producers, startups, and well-known brands to connect and serve online shoppers all over Germany, the companies said in a statement.

In the first half of 2021, Geek+ will implement a goods-to-person solution, including 30 AMRs to myEnso’s DC, which includes 15,000 SKUs. By letting the AMRs carry racks of ordered goods independently between a storage area and workstation, the system enables more efficient and accurate picking and putaway processes, Geek+ said. In addition, AI and intelligence software will enable myEnso to streamline its operations by organizing its inventory according to real-time demand. With automatic self-charging capabilities and 24/7 automated operations, the agreement aims to better manage peak periods and fluctuating demand.

“We are excited to see myEnso join our growing European customer base and view the project as the beginning of an extensive cooperation that will enable them to streamline logistics operations and better serve their online customers,” said Jackson Zhang, vice president of Geek+ Europe. “Additionally, we can’t wait to see them use our goods-to-person solution to boost producers regardless of size with the logistics capabilities needed to compete and shape the future of online grocery shopping in Germany.”

The companies said online grocery shopping will continue to grow due to the pandemic having led to stay-at-home living, an increased interest in healthy foods, and cooking-from-scratch trends, combined with a general interest in brand authenticity and local producers. MyEnso said it will have a more intelligent and scalable solution to meet customer expectations and more diverse product offerings through the smart robotics solution implementation.

“When analyzing different solutions, we were impressed with Geek+’s long track record of bringing significant improvements to e-commerce players,” said Norbert Hegmann, CEO of Enso eCommerce GmbH. “We look forward to leveraging Geek+ smart robotics systems to improve the efficiency of our online supermarket and better serve our customers with a wider selection of products as well as faster deliveries. By allowing us to flexibly meet fluctuating demand, better handle a wider product mix, and mitigate against widespread labor shortages, it will enable us to not only adapt and grow but through better services, drive actual change.”