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ROEQ OMRON400x275Denmark-based ROEQ, which develops top modules and cart systems for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has announced new options for owners of the OMRON LD-250. The new TMC500 top module and Cart500 doubles the payload capacity of the AMR from 250 kg (550 lbs.) to 500 kg (1,100 lbs.), but also provides a standardized, safe and flexible solution for internal logistics tasks.


6RiverChuck400x2756 River Systems, a division of Shopify, has announced new features to its wall-to-wall fulfillment system designed for warehouse operators. Integrated into the company’s software-as-a-service-based Fulfillment Execution System and autonomous mobile robots, the new features aim to provide tools and insights needed to maximize operations as fulfillment speed becomes a competitive differentiator for warehouse operators and the merchants they serve.


Locus DHL 400x275Locus Robotics, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for fulfillment warehouses, has announced the expansion of their partnership with DHL Supply Chain, the contract logistics group within Deutsche Post DHL Group. The extended partnership includes the deployment of Locus’ AMRs at DHL’s Canal Winchester and Lockbourne, Ohio, fulfillment centers to support high-volume order fulfillment for Carhartt, a global clothing retailer customer.


Symbotic UNFI 400x275United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) and Symbotic have announced a commercial agreement to implement Symbotic’s artificial intelligence-enabled robotics and software automation in five of UNFI’s distribution centers over the next four years. The agreement also gives UNFI the option to implement Symbotic’s warehouse automation systems in additional distribution centers.


ServePizzaHutCanada400x275Pizza Hut Canada has announced the launch of its new robot delivery service, through a partnership with Serve Robotics. The service will host a two-week pilot program in Vancouver, British Columbia, allowing customers who place an order via the Pizza Hut app to have menu items delivered directly to their doorstep via robot.


MIR1350 profile400x275The Mobile Industrial Robots MiR 1350 provides automated pickup, transport and delivery of pallets on the factory floor. This increases workplace safety and frees up employees to turn their attention to more productive tasks. The most powerful AMR from MiR to date, the MiR1350 can transport a payload of up to 1,350 kg (3,000 lbs.). 



ScaniaTruck400x275Sweden-based Scania has announced a partnership with HAVI Supply Chain for a new trial project that sees an autonomous truck being used in the transport of commercial goods. The pilot program, carried out under regular traffic conditions, looks to learn about the effectiveness of autonomous truck transport as part of hub-to-hub operations.


Attaboticx400x275 mobileAttabotics, which develops a 3D robotics supply chain system for warehouses and e-commerce, has revealed the Attabot 2022, the first commercialized version of its proprietary robot. Built stronger and smarter than its predecessor, the Attabot 2022 includes a simplified mechatronic design that reduces operational costs while also increasing the efficiency of automated picking and packing of goods.


GeekPlusSmartForklift400x275Chinese manufacturer Geek+. has created a new automated forklift that can perform storage, access and pallet-handling tasks, designed for use in warehouse scenarios in e-commerce, retail and raw materials storage sectors.


Locus 500MPicks 400x275Locus Robotics, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for fulfillment warehouses, has announced that its robots have surpassed 1 billion units picked. The company said it achieved this milestone 59 days after it registered 900 million units picked.


ReliableRobotics Africa400x275Reliable Robotics, which is developing autonomous aircraft systems, has announced a strategic collaboration with Astral Aviation, a Kenya-based airline, with the goal of enhancing aviation safety and increasing air cargo connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa. The two companies will work together to develop operational, regulatory and business plans to launch automated aircraft operations in the region.


SchunckGripper400x275The JGP-P 2-finger parallel gripper can be used to load and unload machine tools, as well as work in clean and slightly dirty surroundings. It can be used in pick and place tasks for assembly work, as well as other related applications.


AddverbRDCenter400x275Addverb Technologies, which develops automation solutions for warehouses and distribution centers, has announced the opening of a new Center of Excellence for Advanced Robotics Research and Development in Fremont, Calif. The center will focus on developing state-of-the-art platforms for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), as well as advanced algorithms for human-machine collaboration and biomedical robotics.


OnRobot Eyes Contrib400x275Companies of all sizes have enthusiastically adopted collaborative automation, enabling it to become the fastest growing segment of the global industrial robotics market. But could this paradigm changing new era of automation be slowed down by a shortage of human workers? Potentially. 


GatikPitneyBowes400x275Gatik, which develops autonomous middle-mile logistics solutions, has announced a multi-year commercial agreement with Pitney Bowes, a global shipping and mailing company. The agreement will have Gatik integrating its Class 6 autonomous box trucks into the Pitney Bowes e-commerce logistics network in the Dallas market beginning in Q1 2023.


A3 RobotSalesAug2022Robot sales in North America have hit a record high for the third-straight quarter, according to the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), which tracks sales statistics in the robotics sector. The record was driven by a resurgence in sales to automotive companies, and continuing needs to manage increased demand to automate logistics for e-commerce. 


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Modular Automation Enables Flexible Production Line Layout


Modular automation is the next phase of factory automation where the same production line is separated into modules and can be quickly reconfigured to adapt to different needs. Modular automation compatible products by Oriental Motor include the compact and lightweight DC-powered products, such as the AZ Series mini driver and the BLV Series R Type.


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