August 25, 2022

OptimasQualityLab400x275Optimas Solutions, an industrial manufacturer and distributor that specializes in fastening and supply chain solutions, has announced the re-opening of its Quality Lab in Columbus, Ind., in order to provide general parts inspections and production part approval process (PAPP) evaluations.

“Over the last two years, we’ve gathered key learnings, many of which include quality services, which has helped us develop our Forward Faster strategy,” said Daniel Harms, president of the Americas for Optimas. “Based on customer requirements, it made sense to re-open the lab and provide fast, cost-effective quality lab services closer to our customers’ locations.”

The company said its goal is to offer faster quality lab services by localizing capabilities. “With the Columbus quality lab, we can apply world-class equipment and expertise to validate quality and offer solutions to performance issues,” said Gabriela Gallegos, vice president of quality at Optimas. “This keeps parts local, deepens relationships at production facilities, saves time and costs, and is convenient for customers.”

The lab offers additional inspection tools and features with localized services. For example, Optimas said it installed the latest VisionLab general inspection equipment, a 3D inspection device for first-piece inspection and PPAP. In addition, upgrades have been made to an existing VisionLab system used for angles and O rings. Both of the machines provide hands-off inspection of fasteners, which are more accurate, the company said. The lab also can check torque specifications with torque guns, conduct harness testing and check the porosity of section parts.

The company said the lab averages more than 200 PPAPs per month, including new products, kitting and engineering changes. WIth these resources, the company said it can get source release parts (prototype parts) turned around much faster in Optimas’ regional location. For this process, it can inspect and ship within 48 hours of receipt, helping customers speed their development and production cycles.

To learn more about Optimas and its services, visit its website here.

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