August 24, 2022

Bell EvermanServoBeltArcDrive400x275Bell-Everman, which creates motion control technologies for automation and metrology tasks, has announced a new multi-axis transfer robot based on its ServoBelt backlash-free belt drive technology. The ServoBelt Arc Drive features custom-designed rotary and tilt axes that precisely position semiconductor glass panels.

Measuring 450 mm across, the robot’s large rotary axis is built around a ServoBelt drive mechanism and a proprietary Bell-Everman bearing design. The stage offers a torque rating of 200 N-m (400 N-m ultimate), speeds up to 150 rpm and repeatability to ±22 µrad (0.001º). The large-diameter rotary stage on the robot can also be scaled to larger sizes, and is available as a separate product.

“The combination of ServoBelt and our bearing design results in a low-cost, lightweight alternative to heavy, expensive table drives,” said Michael Everman, the founder and chief technical officer at Bell-Everman. 

The robot’s tilt axis, which moves the entire rotary stage assembly and its payload up to 90 degrees, is driven by an arc-shaped ServoBelt drive mechanism, which can also be scaled and applied to other tilt applications, the company said.

Based in Southern California, the company builds solutions for industries including aerospace, biomedical, semiconductor, electronics assembly, laser and water jet cutting, CNC machining and packaging. For more details on the company and its technology, visit the Bell-Everman website here.

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