August 5, 2022

Vention FlexxBeacon400x275What is it? The Vention Flexx Beacon Sensors are Bluetooth devices that you place in strategic locations of your facility or on strategic fixtures in your setup. The sensors communicate with and are managed by the Flexx Beacon Scanner. The Flexx Beacon Scanner uses proximity between a Universal Robot and the Flexx Beacon Sensors to identify proximity and location. Insert the Flexx Beacon Scanner in your Universal Robot teach pendant and the device will automatically start looking for Flexxbotics-specific Bluetooth devices.

The Flexx Beacon provides Bluetooth communication/proximity scanning between Universal Robots and the manufacturing work cell. Operating the sensor is simple: Pair it — configure your Flexx Beacons relative to each Station/Program. Next, scan it — bring your Flexx Scanner in proximity of your Flexx Beacon. The Flexx Scanner recognizes where it is and loads all the correct parameters. Finally, Run it — your operator now has everything they need to run the program. Press play and your operator is freed for other jobs. Beacon Spacing: 3-100ft. Scanning Range: Up to 4 feet. Communication: BLE 5.0. Power Battery (Lithium 3V). Product No. PR-FX-001-0532. Price: $300.30. 

Key features:

  • Place in strategic facility locations or setup fixtures
  • Uses proximity between the Universal Robot and Flexx Beacon Sensors to identify proximity and location
  • Provides Bluetooth communication/proximity scanning between your Universal Robot and manufacturing work cell
  • Simple operation: after configuring Flexx Beacons, it automatically loads parameters and scans
  • Scanning range up to 4ft.
  • BLE 5.0. communication, Lithium 3V power battery

For more details, visit the Vention website here.


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