June 23, 2022

ThruWaveINSIGHT400x275Seattle-based ThruWave has announced its INSIGHT system, a quick-start program that can solve operational issues around inspection for several industries, such as manufacturing (bottling, canning, and packing), palletizing, outbound shipping, fulfillment and fraud-related losses during reverse logistics. The INSIGHT system automates 100% of the inspection process for supply chain applications to save companies time and money, ThruWave said.

The INSIGHT is a stand-alone system that does not require integration or connectivity to existing applications. INSIGHT scans closed cases and totes as they move along a conveyor through millimeter wave technology, creating a 3D digital render in real-time, and analyzes every image; identifying anomalies. The system provides o ongoing, data-driven analytics reports that quantify previously undetectable anomalies, which can be critical to develop countermeasures for operational and business improvement. ThruWave said the solution is appropriate and cost effective for customers looking for regular analytics to determine if any specific issue is improving or getting worse.

“ThruWave’s system is already performing better than our existing X-ray solution; we should move forward as fast as possible,” said one of the company’s customers for item count anomaly detection. 

The company said it can also support customers to develop a closed loop system that is fully automated once countermeasures are developed by upgrading INSIGHT to a ThruWave CONNECT solution. That offering can integrate with upstream or downstream systems that take real-time action when anomalies are detected.

“ThruWave INSIGHT is human safe. It requires no additional training, detects materials in addition to metal, and provides product context like condition, contraband, counts, and volume at conveyor speeds of up to 600 feet per minute,” said Pieter Krynauw, CEO of ThruWave. This compares to existing solutions that utilize X-ray, metal detectors and weigh scales. “It can be integrated into existing conveyor and robotic material handling systems for immediate use and operational improvement,” Krynauw added.

The INSIGHT system starts at $4,000 per month, including hardware sensing and software with an initial three-month contract designed for quick deployment and rapid analysis of operations. 

For additional details, visit the ThruWave website here.

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