FactoryCobotsBWThe Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute has announced that Jared Glover, the CEO of CapSen Robotics, has been chosen as the first Arm Institute Fellow. In this role, Glover will execute a technical project that addresses key challenges that hinder the adoption of robotics in manufacturers. Glover’s project, an autonomous robot workspace model with an arm-mounted 3D camera, aims to help small and midsize manufacturers (SMMs) adopt robots by lowering the cost and time of robotic integration.


FANUC A3reportQ12021 400x275Substantial increases in robot orders from the metals sector, pharmaceuticals, food and consumer goods helped drive a 20% increase in North American robot orders during the first quarter of 2021, the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) reported today. The Q1 2021 numbers were also the second-largest quarter ever for non-automotive sector robot sales, as companies recovering from COVID-19 slowdowns realize that robotics and automation can help them recover.


PathRobotics400x275Columbus, Ohio-based Path Robotics, which is developing an autonomous robotic welding system, has announced raising $56 million in Series B funding, bringing the total invested into the company to $71 million. Leading the round was Addition, joining returning investors Drive Capital, Basis Set, and Lemnos Lab.


SymbioRobotics400x275Symbio Robotics, which develops artificial intelligence for industrial robotics, has announced working with Ford Motor Company to deploy an AI-controlled robot at the automaker’s Livonia Transmission Plant. The robot is programmed and managed with Symbio’s robot-agnostic platform, SymbioDCS, to assemble transmissions for the Bronco Sport, Escape, and Edge, among others.


ABB IRB1300 Cleanroom400x275ABB has announced that its six-axis industrial robot, the IRB1300, includes new protection elements that allow it to be used in tough industrial applications and contamination-free production processes, opening new opportunities in several industry spaces, including electronics assembly, and automotive and metals fabrication.


MiR Florisa400x275Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has announced a 55% increase in sales during Q1 2021, compared to the same period last year. The company said a large number of its Q1 sales are for the MiR250, the company’s latest and most compact AMR, with several orders from multinational organizations looking to invest in large fleets of robots as they automate material handling and internal logistics.


ActiNavUniversal400x275Universal Robots has chosen four U.S.-based systems integrators to assist manufacturers with deployments of its ActiNav system, which combines real-time autonomous motion control, UR cobots, vision and sensor systems in a seamless application kit. The kit helps solve random bin picking challenges in machine tending applications where precision is needed during the placement phase.


NeuralaScan400x275Neurala, which develops AI vision software, has announced a partnership with IHI Logistics & Machinery to increase the effectiveness of optical character recognition (OCR) reading of package information by automatically identifying expiration dates. The goal is to reduce waste and relieve workers from mundane, repetitive tasks, the companies said in a statement.


FANUC LRMateSeries400x275FANUC America, which manufactures CNCs and industrial robots, has introduced the LR Mate 200iD/14L, the 10th model variation of its LR Mate series of tabletop industrial robots. Since launching the LR Mate Series almost 30 years ago, it has become one of FANUC’s biggest sellers, with more than 70,000 units installed across the globe.

HireboticsCobotWelder400x275Hirebotics, which develops cobot technology applications, has announced its new Cobot Welder a user-friendly collaborative robot welding system that enables painless automated welding deployments. The company will host an online launch event next week with its partner, Universal Robots, to showcase how cobot welding can increase productivity and decrease the time required to teach the cobot.


ComauRockwell400x275Rockwell Automation and Comau have announced they are joining forces to give businesses worldwide vital tools to maximize manufacturing efficiencies through unified robot control solutions. The goal is to simplify robot integration for manufacturers, giving them easier, smarter and more productive ways to design, deploy and manage robot applications.

MX3D Funding400x275Amsterdam-based MX3D has announced raising €2.25 ($2.69 million U.S.) in new funding, which will be used to launch its M1 robotic metal additive manufacturing system. The investments will also speed the development of MetalXL, a software and control system that turns existing welding robots into industrial-grade 3D metal printers.

UniversalWeldingMetalFabExpo400x275Universal Robots is holding the latest of its virtual events that focus on industries and applications most relevant to collaborative robots to the manufacturing audience. Held on April 13 and 14 (and available for 90 days after), the Metal Fabrication is part of Universal’s Cobot Expo Series for 2021. 

WaypointProductive400x275Waypoint Robotics has teamed up with Productive Robotics to create a mobile manipulation robot aimed at small and midsize companies. The combination takes Waypoint’s omnidirectional autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with the 7-axis collaborative robot arm from Productive to create a mobile manipulator for manufacturing and logistics applications. Workers can use the mobile platform to perform repetitive tasks such as machine tending, quality assurance sampling, material replenishment, packaging, among other tasks.


DoosanCobots400x275South Korea’s Doosan Robotics has announced the release of its ROS 2 package, compatible with the latest ROS 2 Foxy Fitzroy. The company said it plans to release the package later this year, positioning itself as the first company to operate collaborative robots driven by the newest version of ROS 2.

SICK scangrid2 400x275SICK has announced the scanGrid2, a safe multibeam scanner that uses solid-state lidar technology designed for small autonomous and line-guided transport vehicles. Certified as a Type 2/SIL 1 safety sensor (IEC 61496-3), the scanGrid2 can protect hazardous areas up to performance level C, and works well for collision avoidance. An app and cloning function also ensure a high level of uptime and fast fleet deployment, SICK said.