RanpakAutoFill400x275Ranpak Holdings Corp., which develops environmentally sustainable paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, has announced the North American launch of its AutoFill solution.


Covariant400x275Covariant, which uses artificial intelligence to allow robots to see the world around them, has announced it raised $80 million in Series C funding, bringing its total capitalization to $147 million within two years of the company’s public launch. The company said it plans to use the funding to continue investment in AI Robotics research and development, as well as expand its team globally to accelerate bringing AI into the physical world.


Micropsi Fridge Sniffing400x275During an interview with Ronnie Vuine, CEO of Micropsi Industries, about their upgraded MIRAI software, he mentioned a use case for the software and its robots – “fridge sniffing”. After I wanted to learn more, the company provided us with a video that explains the process, and how its software can help automate the task for manufacturers.


FSReport LightsOut400x275A new analysis by Frost & Sullivan suggests that the rapidly falling prices of robots and continually increasing labor costs will accelerate manufacturers’ shift to a lights-out manufacturing setting, in which minimal human intervention is needed to run day-to-day operations.


ABB ASTI Mobile400x275ABB has announced it will acquire ASTI Mobile Robotics Group, a global provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The acquisition will expand ABB’s robotics and automation offerings, giving it a complete portfolio for the next generation of flexible automation, the company said in a statement. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, but the deal is expected to close in mid-summer 2021.


PearsonDePalletizing400x275End-of-line packaging automation firm Pearson Packaging Systems and robotics software company Plus One Robotics have announced a partnership to offer easier solutions for complex packaging challenges for manufacturers, warehouses, and eCommerce fulfillment and distribution centers.


Universal ActiNav400x275Universal Robots has announced it will go “on tour” this summer in the U.S. to show off its ActiNav application, which combines intelligent vision and sensor software with its collaborative robots (aka cobots). The application kit aims to solve random bin picking challenges in machine tending applications. The tour will allow manufacturers to experience ActiNav hands-on, with Universal Robots, its partners, and systems integrators.


SICKRuler3000 400x275SICK has announced the first in a new generation of Ruler3000 3D streaming cameras, designed to offer systems integrators with a way to harness the speed and measurement precision of SICK’s high-definition 3D imaging technology. The Ruler3000 is a pre-calibrated device that combines SICK’s Ranger3 streaming camera with a Class 2 eye-safe laser, pre-selected optics and fixed geometries to enable simpler configuration and commissioning.


MechMindMechEye400x275Mech-Mind Robotics, a Chinese AI startup, has announced the launch of its next-generation Mech-Eye Nano Industrial 3D Camera. Featuring a smaller size with high-quality 3D imaging, the Mech-Eye Nano is aimed at precision-required applications and on-arm mounting for pick-and-place robot applications.


FanucRobots400x275Two robot manufacturers have announced milestone deployments or shipments of its robots this week. Japan’s FANUC, which develops CNCs, robots and factory automation systems, announced the production of its 750,000th industrial robot, which it said represents a record high point in the industry. Meanwhile, China’s Geek+ announced it has sold 20,000 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) worldwide for global supply chain purposes.


FetchFamily400x275Zebra Technologies has announced its intention to acquire Fetch Robotics, which provides on-demand automation through autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The $290 million purchase price includes 95% of the business that Zebra does not already own, and the transaction is expected to close in Q3 2021.


PearsonRTL HV 400x275Pearson Packaging Systems, which develops end-of-line packaging automation, has launched its RTL-HV, a standardized, modular case packing solution that can load horizontally and vertically. The unit addresses the needs of manufacturers of lightweight products with flexible packaging formats, such as bags, pouches, or flow-wrapped products, as well as those looking for cost-efficient yet flexible solutions.


Micropsi MIRAI 400x275Micropsi Industries has announced the next-generation of its MIRAI software, which uses artificial intelligence to help industrial and collaborative robots learn to perform camera-guided movements more quickly. Through the software, robots can flexibly react to variances in their tasks in real time by learning from humans. The company said MIRAI customers will notice quicker setup times, down from 2-3 days per skill to about three hours, along with increased robot speeds.


OTTO1500 load 400x275OTTO Motors, which develops autonomous mobile robots, has announced a series of partnerships to extend availability of its robots to a global audience. The company also said it completed third-party assessments that meet or exceed relevant safety standards in Europe and the U.S., including ANSI/RIA R15.08.


Mir250Hook 400x275Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) has launched the MiR250 Hook, a top module for the company’s MiR250 autonomous mobile robot (AMR). The MiR250 Hook can automatically collect and tow carts through dynamic and constricted industrial spaces, with loads up to 1,100 pounds (500 kg). MiR is now accepting pre-orders for the system, with shipments expected worldwide by the end of the month.


ABB PixelPaint400x275ABB has announced that its PixelPaint robotic painting non-overspray technology for the automotive industry has won this year’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics & Automation (IERA) Award for Outstanding Achievements in Commercializing Innovative Robot and Automation Technology.