January 7, 2022

BDKiestra IdentifA 400x275Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) which develops medical technology, has announced it received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its BD Kiestra IdentifA system, which automates the preparation of microbiology bacterial identification testing.

The company said identifying microorganisms that cause infection is a labor-intensive process. With the BD Kiestra IdentifA, a lab technician can use BD Synapsys informatics to select discrete bacterial colonies from a digital plate image, and then robotics can physically pick those organisms to prepare the sample for specific identification testing. BD said that by automating these cumbersome manual stps, the IdentifA “may reduce the potential for human error when preparing samples for bacterial identification and produce more accurate diagnoses for patients.” In addition, streamlining the manual process will enable lab technicians to focus time and expertise on higher-value tasks.

“BD continues to invest in automation and innovation for the microbiology laboratory to enable smart, connected, end-to-end workflows designed to accelerate insights and efficiency,” said Brooke Story, president of integrated diagnostic solutions for BD. “Our ‘discovery to diagnostics’ strategy positions us to provide best-in-class solutions at every point along this continuum.”

BD said the IdentifA is the only FDA-cleared solution as part of a track-connected system for lab automation to support specimen preparation workflows for routine and challenging isolate types. 

For more details on the company’s lab automation solutions, visit the BD Kiestra website here.