February 10, 2021

TexasMedical400x275Houston-based Texas Medical Technology, which supplies and distributes medical equipment, has announced a partnership with Proguardeum, a provider of environmentally sustainable, pharmaceutical-grade disinfectants and sanitizing solutions. The partnership will have Texas Medical Technology utilize solutions that include drone and robot-delivery of disinfecting products.

In the ongoing pandemic and emergence of new strains of the novel coronavirus, demand for sustainable indoor hygiene protocols has surged, the company said. Many disinfectant products used today include harmful chemical additives that can irritate a person’s skin, as well as pose risks to surrounding electronics. Through the partnership, Texas Medical will integrate Proguardeum’s Optimum solution as part of its delivery systems to offer viable alternatives to harsh industrial chemicals to deliver sanitation to schools, hospitals, airports, fitness facilities, and restaurants. The technology solutions include the following:

  • * SaniDrone - A drone that dispenses Optimum while it maneuvers around challenges found in large structures, including sports stadiums.
  • * GermsRover - a wheeled robot that combines the automated dry mist application of Optimum with high-powered, ultraviolet lamps and spatial sensors to distribute sterilization in larger spaces, such as shopping malls, schools, and airports.
  • * SaniScreen - automated kiosks that utilizes stock data, mask-recognition and temperature sensors, and that can also dispense Optimum Hand Defense solution, along with a large customized display that communicates with customers.
  • * SaniGate - a prefabricated, sanitizing mobile unit aimed to reduce occupation-related COVID-19 exposure. This includes smart-temperature thermometry measurement tools, in addition to the Optimum Hand Defense solution. It can be placed at entrances into buildings.

“Many of the common disinfectant and hygiene products contain harmful chemical additives that can irritate the skin. However, this damages not only our own health but also the environment,” says Troy Rackley, CEO and co-founder of Proguardeum. “Since our brands are synonymous with innovation, our collective partnership represents a great step forward in advancing science and technology to the next level.”

“For us, Proguardeum’s solution has emerged as a standout solution to help us further optimize our safety products,” says Omri Shafran, founder and CEO of Texas Medical Technology. “The versatility, effectiveness, and environmentally friendly aspects of its Optimum Green solutions helps us better serve people pushing through the pandemic and beyond.”

More details are available at the Texas Medical Technology and Proguardeum websites.

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